Fried Gold Music Episode 67

New show!  Featuring the following:

Rideau – Bloodshot
Laurel – Life Worth Living
US Girls – Sed Knife
Gris-de-Lin – The Kick
Animal Noise – Sink Or Swim
Vynce – Lust
Stuart Masters – Mystic Blue
Helen Love – First Girl From Wales In New York
New Revival – New Kid
Marten Larka – Je Suis Un Rocker
Hege Nesset – We Are
Methyl Ethel – Twilight Driving
The Posies – Squirrel vs Snake
The Marivaux – Birds And The Bees

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Fried Gold Music Episode 62

Day late but explained in the show.  Featuring:

Mike TV – Myoclonic Jerk
The Priceduifkes – Getwood City
Partisan – Two Lovers
Nish Goyal – In Our Parent’s Eyes
Daughter – How
The Senton Bombs – Trailblazer
Your Illuminations – Hey Scarlet
Note To Amy – Strummer = Death
Drew Worthley – Bone China Saviour
Elephant Stone – Where I’m Going
Fizzy Blood – Sweat And Sulphur
The Kimberly Steaks – Chemical Imbalance
Pet Sounds – Touch Me I’m Sick
Melophobia – Paralyse
The Fur Coats – Short BRain
Lunar Boys – I Can’t Sleep
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Fried Gold Music Episode 61

New show!  Recorded this one a week ago and in the intervening time the world didn’t end so here it is for you now.  Featuring:

Black International – A Gilded Palace
Franz Nicolay – Springtime
Edward In Venice – Smokin’ Vehicles
Guts – Go To Sleep
Del Lago – Total Recoil
Matthew Mayfield – On Your Knees
The Minerals – Ball of String
Adam Stafford – Athiest Money
Membranes – Do The Supernova
Luther Dickinson – Moonshine
Secret Nation – You Are Mine
Call It Off – Forward or Crazy
Billy Liar – No Cigarettes
Zerbin – Worlds On Fire
The world isn’t on fire, but it is windy as hell. Time for me to follow Guts advice and go to sleep.  While I do that please sponsor my mum, like the page and subscribe then tell all of your mates about the show
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Fried Gold Music Episode 60

The run continues!  And next weeks is in the bag too.  Some of the tunes in this and upcoming episodes come from Wolf Mask’s Creep Comp! so if you want to skip ahead then head on over to that link to get the whole danged thing.  Plenty of other stuff too though, here’s what’s in this one:

Bullet Height – Bastion
Callsign – Princess
Brownbear – Wandering Eyes
My Cruel Goro – Lost E
Skaciety – Step Back (Take A Look Around)
Get It Together – Hole In The Head
Andrew Cream – Celebrate Variety *sorry for fucking up and saying celebrity, I’m a fanny
Dead Giveaway – Prodigy
Bootscraper – Captain Gin Vs The Victory Gin
The Beautiful Game – These Four Walls
Ethan Luck – Leave You Behind
Eons Away – Swell
Mellor – Win Me Over
Tyson Motsenbocker – I Still Have To Go
Come back next week for more of the same but different
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Fried Gold Music Episode 59

SO I totally messed up on a band name in here and have replaced that bit of the podcast with some dodgy editing.  Sorry that band, won’t say who you’ll have to listen to find out!  Ironically one of my favourite tracks in the show…  Anyway it’s one of these:

Wild Child – Bullets
Delta Spirit – The Wolf
A Band Called Quinn – From The Gutter
Marty O’Reilly And The Old Soul Orchestra – The Captain’s Daughter
Farmdale – Mine All Mine
Shovels And Rope – Swimmin’ Time
Jesse Payne – Ulysses
Natasha Jolene – Skins
Paper Aeroplanes – Red Rover
Kaleo – All The Pretty Girls
Thatcher – Close
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