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Festival season is about 2/3rds of the way through, as I write this everyone is at Belladrum, and tickets are going very quickly for the festival that pretty much ends the whole thing.

Look how pretty it is! Festival goes on the right

If there’s one thing that Scotland has a lot of, it’s pretty scenery. Gives our festivals a great backdrop to stare at blearily and compensates for the weather if your unlucky. Loopallu, which is Ullapool backwards, has some absolutely stunning backdrops. It’s also a lovely wee friendly town that does well music wise all the year round. A favourite of bikers and tourists alike so you’ll be well catered for outside of the festival grounds with plenty of tea shops and places to get some munch.

As for the festival itself. Well, I’ve only been the once and it was a few years back so this will be my second. One big advantage it has over a lot of festivals, it’s set at an actual camp site. Know what that means? Proper toilets. Well maintained too and I feel sorry for the staff. When I went there was one stage but I think that may have expanded a bit. The beer tent has music in it too anyway which has one draw back. The music in there is so good that getting to the beer can be a challenge… At night there’s a very big fringe with every pub in town hosting some live music.

And what of the music? Well here’s who they’ve announced so far. This was a month ago but I only just started the site, I’ll be more prompt in future!

The Fratellis

Yes, that’s a Goonies reference which scores them points instantly. Headline act so you’ve probably heard of them. If it doesn’t come to mind instantly you can have a wee listen at their Facebook page. They’re a jumpy indie rock band from Glasgow and I’ll be doing my best to keep some energy do jump around like a complete idiot when they’re on. Delicious retro sound with some powerful licks, be prepared to “do dah do” along to Chelsea Dagger. The tent may take off at that point… Thankfully they have slow ones to let you catch your breath.

Jake Bugg
Mr Bugg
Jake is a man stuck out of time. Going by his sounds he’s been dragged forward by roughly 40 years. Quiet spoken from what I heard on the radio when he did a session for Marion at MFR a couple of months back, he’s got a powerful bluesy voice like legible Dylan or late Beatles. Yeah I know, I’m not good at descriptions. He’d have fit perfectly in to the indie scene in the 90’s as he’s from Oop North. You can listen to him here. That right there is some damned fine bluesy folky goodness.

The Dangleberries

I’m not sure when someone realised “hey, Scottish traditional music can be pretty bloody jumpy. Why don’t we just play rock tunes with pipes and accordians and that?” Chances are they were drunk, but they weren’t wrong. Many bands of that ilk JUST have traditional instruments, The Dangleberries mix it up with guitars and stuff. Hell there’s 12 of them so it’s basically an orchestra. They love a festival, look like a laugh, and sound pretty darned good. Check them out here. Very handily one of their tunes on Spotify introduces members. Loads of drums, loads of pipes.


Not really my thing to be honest. They’re a folky gaelic rock band, so unless you speak it don’t expect to understand a word. They sound good for what they are, but not my bag at all. If you liked Runrig you’ll like them I guess? Check em out for yourself here. There’s a flicky accent above the first a there but I dunno how to do that!

and finally, for now

Lilygreen and Maguire

I miss read the name as Lily Green first off, so not a girl/boy combo but two blocks. That’s their surnames then. Again, not really my thing but not bad by any means. A rather poppy duo though they write their own stuff and can play instruments so better than most pop music really. Go check them out as I’m not good at descriptions.

And that’s everyone so far. When new artists are announced I’ll let you know as soon as I can

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