Attack The Block review

Believe, Bruv!

After mugging a young woman, wannabe gangster Moses and his crew are surprised by a meteor destroying a car. When they check it out they’re attacked by an alien, which they kill and take back to their tower block as a trophy. But the alien wasn’t alone. They find themselves under siege, defending their lives and their block from a hoard of aliens. Forced to team up with the woman they mugged and on the run from the gangland block leader and the cops the odds are stacked against them.

Yeah I suck at synopsisisis.

Attack the Block then, the directorial debut of Joe “out of Adam and Joe” Cornish. No Adam in sight. While not as funny as it’s contemporary films, the Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg genre flicks, it’s a solid start for Joe. Strong efforts were made to add plenty of realism to the movie. Joe is from South London in the first place, draws on his own mugging and immersed himself in the youth culture to get the language right. He also cast unknowns in the leads and they all do a bang up job.

It’s a tall order really, to get us to like a bunch of thugs that we originally see mugging a woman. And it does take a while. A couple of the kids are relatively innocent but they’re all a bit wide. As things progress the fact that they’re a bunch of scared kids, at least to an extent, comes through. What was annoying becomes a bit more charming and you find yourself rooting for the wee bastards.

Partly due to budget constraints but mainly down to it generally looking better the aliens themselves are “man in suit” rather than “bunch of pixels”. The creature design, while reminiscent of more famous aliens, is fresh and innovative. They’re very animalistic which gives them a Critters feel. And they are kind of a mix of Alien in design and Crites (kinda big balls of fluff). There’s been a million different alien monster movies at this point and finding something fresh is impressive.

The plot is consistent and logical, the characters are all believable and well written. I can’t really point to a completely duff performance in the lot. Joe has executed a damned fine debut movie and I look forward to seeing what he brings us next.

And for once it’s a British movie that isn’t a period piece or about gangst….well okay it’s kind of about gangsters but at least its DIFFERENT.

Trailer action not too spoilery. Nick Frost is great in this too btw.

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