News 08/08/2012

Hey kids. Here’s what local bands have been saying for themselves/doing/releasing over the last day or so

There’s an interview with Be Like Pablo over at glasGOwest where you can learn what their name means and various other things. That being what interviews are for. And Jim Gellatly has included a track in his latest In:Demand Uncut podcast. Which is nice.

Netsounds Unsigned have released the first of what will no doubt be many many Rockhopper sessions from Belladrum. First up is Bwani Junction who I’d never heard of. They’re from the capital and going by that tune they’re rather good so I’ll be checking them out.

Iain McLaughlin & The Outsiders would like to know if you have any videos of their set at Bella. If you do, go over and give them a comment. Like this person no doubt did, here’s Rapid Eye Movement. Sorry to video person hlarsson007 that I can’t give you a proper plug.

Toecutter are looking for a new singer so if you think you fit the bill let them know. They’re METAL with a capital RAAAAAAAR so you have to have pipes and a growl on you.

And that’ll do it for today. One word for our local scene, THRIVING! Keep it that way, go to a gig, download a song, check out a video….you get the idea.

Speaking of local scene, there might not be a post tomorrow as I’m going to the Ironworks Summer Showcase #5 featuring Ailsa Lyall-Matthews, The Galipaygos, Barry Mackay & Ryan Golder and Dorec-a-belle. I’ll be doing a review of that. Btw, I know I mentioned a gig the next day yesterday and a gig tomorrow today but this isn’t a gig list by any means. Some may get mentioned from time to time but don’t go getting mad if I DON’T mention yours.

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