News 10/08/2012

Hey kids. Here’s what local bands have been saying for themselves/doing/releasing over the last day or so. Actually 2 days.

There’s a Charlotte Church coming up at Bogbain Farm. They have one support act, these guys, and are looking for another. If you think you fit the bill then send Yvonne a link to your soundcloud or similar batch of music at Good luck!

The new Netsounds unsigned podcast is out featuring 7 tracks from the Belladrum Rockhopper sessions. I won’t bother listing them as there’s a list on that there page.

Speaking of Bella, there’s a Breaking News North video with heaps of interviews and performances from that there festival. So I’m told as I haven’t actually watched it yet due to my computer playing silly buggers. I’m sure (and assured) that it’s really good though, Bobby knows what he’s doing. Hell he was able to make ME look half decent.

Speaking of Bella and video, there’s another one out from Josephine Sillars. This time it’s Middle Class Pretenders. I fully expect that there’s a couple more to come but go enjoy that one for now.

Not speaking of Bella now, you can pre-order a copy of Abagail Grey’s EP Dark Wood right here. There’s only 600 going, signed stuff and that, good times. I’ll be ordering mine shortly so there’s only 599 now.

Estrella have published a new blog entry about they’re recent and upcoming rock god adventures, and a video of “Do It Til’ We Drop”. Bang yer head, throw some metal signs. RAWK.

The line up, possibly not the whole thing but plenty, for Jocktoberfest has been announced and….I’m not saying what it is as I’m giving that it’s own post. Sometime in the next day roughly, possibly tonight.

If you don’t have a copy of the Red Kites “Beat In Time” EP what’s wrong with you?! Well fix it! 200 new copies have arrived and are available right here. It’s WELL worth a couple of quid, lovely stuff. You can’t get a t-shirt now though as those are sold out, I’m wearing mine nyah nyah (glad you can’t see the pasta sauce stain…). New designs being worked on now though.

If you missed the showcase last night here’s a wee bit of Barry and Ryan. There’s a link to a review at the bottom of this page too (until it gets bumped down anyway). I neglected to link the artists in it so they are: Ailsa Jean Lyall Mathews, Barry Mackay, Ryan Golder, Dorec-a-belle and The Galipaygos. Sorted.

And that’ll do ya. Loads of people off to B-fest in Wick this weekend, not including me this year unfortunately. Have fun if your going. Hell have fun if you aren’t, it’s the weekend!

2 thoughts on “News 10/08/2012

  1. It would be good if you could mention and encourage folks to come to the fundraiser to raise money for Red Hook Rapids Nashville trip which is going on in The Greenhouse at Dingwall on Thursday 16th August !!!

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