The Dark Knight Rises review (finally)

Synopsis from IMDB to avoid spoilers:

Eight years on, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham’s finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy.

That’ll do alright I guess. I was trying to think of one myself on the walk from the cinema to Tesco and failed massively. I will get to some spoilers in a bit, but will try and avoid them as some of you probably haven’t seen it yet. And it’s very good.

Very good but not great. Feels like it was pulling it’s punches a bit to me. And Dark Knight is an EXTREMELY good film so it had a hard act to follow. It is probably the best threequal I’ve seen for a comic book franchise though, this is generally where they fail. Plot wise it’s good, and I do realise this would make the film about 5 hours, I would have liked some stuff to be more fleshed out than it was. There’s also the issue of a hero with a ridiculous voice talking to someone with a mask over their face but they keep it relatively legible. Some bits and bobs were a bit “huh?” but a repeated viewing would probably take care of that.

Bale does a fine job playing Bruce Wayne/Batman, more of one character than two in this. Essentially the same as the last films. Same goes for Gary Oldman, whole heaps of respect for the character of Jim Gordon and his portrail of him. The let down in the regulars is Michael Caine. It’s not Sir Michael’s acting in the least, it’s that Alfred isn’t given anything to do beyond moaning and blubbing then buggering off. Sure it’s probably realistic but it’s also kinda crap. Rounding them out is Morgan Freeman. Still in his Q job to some extent, he’s as good as you’d expect from him.

The newbies to the franchise are all spot on as well. Tom Hardy has a tough job playing a character who you can only see half the face of and sounds like he’s talking in to a cup. He still conveys emotion quite well, very well in some scenes. And he’s a big fucking bad ass too. The voice choice is a bit off if you ask me, makes Bane sound older than he is (he based it on an old Irish gypsy bare knuckle boxer which I suppose fits).

I love Anne Hathaway more now that I’ve seen this film, and I was already pretty head over heels. She’s a bad ass when needed and can switch from one extreme to another at a snap of the fingers. As a cat owner I know that she also snarls and preens in exactly the right manner for this characters animal totem, but not in an evenly slightly cartoony way. No Michelle Pfieffer meows. The character is never referred to as cat woman which is good as it would just be cheesy.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is excellent as beat cop then detective Blake. It’s a grounded and internalised performance for the most part and I can’t say too much about him without giving some spoilers, as I enjoyed the characters revelations as they unfolded. He’s very motivated, given quite a lions share of the film to deal with, and continues to be one of the best actors of his generation. Who’d have expected that from the Third Rock kid, eh?

So there aren’t really any miss steps in this. It looks lovely, the plot is consistent and well….plotted. Everyone bar Alfred is given something good to do and there’s good action. Bane is an excellent villain and they didn’t screw the pooch beyond not being quite as dark as I would have wanted. But I guess we don’t want everyone blubbing in the aisles. If you haven’t seen it, go do so now. If you have, I’m about to talk about the last 15 minutes. Shoo, not seen its! Watch out for spoilers in comments too btw

Sooooooooooooo. Yeah. They pussied out there really didn’t they. While I would have liked Batman’s struggle to heal to have gone on longer, along with the orgy of criminals once Gotham is cut off and the whole “city in chaos for a couple of weeks (months?)” to have been given more air time I can understand because the film would be to god damned long. But what is the point in his noble sacrifice if it wasn’t one at all and he gets to retire? Yay! No. DARK Knight dammit. Though being blown up by a nuke wasn’t exactly how I expected him to go out. Mutual destruction with Bane was. But never mind, it’s Hollywood and everyone gets a happy ending. As for the very very end.

Look, all through the thing I was thinking that Blake would be a great Robin though Robin doesn’t really fit in the Nolan verse. Not as a sidekick anyway. But as an HEIR? Fuck yeah. He’s perfect. Similar origin, tougher background, same sensibilities, great actor playing him, good chin. I’m well up for seeing a Nightwing Nolanverse movie. I’ve heard rumblings of a Catwoman movie, that may work but not sure. I loved Hathaway’s portrayal but not sure if the character could sustain a whole flick. But the studio will want another Batman and this is a damned fine compromise.

And that’ll do. I’m off to get Alfred a hankie and some balls.

2 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises review (finally)

  1. I thought this one to be my favourite of the three. I never really got the big love for the Dark Knight. I always felt it needed scissors taken to it to trim it down and the bat mobile sonar thing pissed me off.
    This one has a couple of what the heck moments.
    Gotham is isolated and locked down but Bane finds time and transport to fly to India for a jiffy to pop Bruce in a well the go back to Gotham. And the miracle back healing. Batman, who technically isn’t a superhero, gets a broken back and it heals in a month or so via the healing power of rope. Come on. Superman had a broken back for several years and it killed him!!
    That apart, I loved it. Michael Caine was heartbreakingly amazingly good. Every speech he had was a tear jerker. The funeral was let down by my inner geek sniggering at ‘it’s a far better thing that I do’ and remembering the Worlds Greatest Canadian Jew reading it in Khan. But brilliant stuff all round. Hot Hathaway, Owen Harper! The guy from The Unatural (best X-files episode Ever)
    A bloated 164 minute running time that doesn’t feel bloated. Tom Conti!!! Tommy Carcertti!
    Didn’t you think Afghanstan at the start looked awfuly like Cromarty though?
    It may have replaced Batman Returns as my best Batman movie. Maybe. It didn’t have anyone driving a duck car. In the parlance of the Internet ‘epic fail’

  2. My brain has Bane doing that pre-Gotham being cut off but I could be wrong. Bruce has a slipped vertebrae, nothing snapped, so popping it back and waiting for the bruising to heal would take a couple weeks (hence beard growth). That’s one thing I thought was glossed over too quickly though. Also, fuck Superman.
    Don’t agree on Caine, but your right on the rest (and the guy from Blue Bloods as the beat cop that shoots Bats EMP gun then apologises was cool). It’s not Afghanistan it’s….somewhere Ukrainian kinda thing. I do believe the airport where they get Cats is Inversneckie, very quick edit of outside planes so you don’t spot sleazy jet too well. Anne was close enough for me to see her and I didn’t 😦 May have flown over BT one day but I think it was crew that were there. Your right though, it fair clips along.
    I think it needs another watch, but the couple of flaws make it second in this trilogy for me.

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