News 12/08/2012

Hey kids. Here’s what local bands have been saying for themselves/doing/releasing over the last day or so.

It’s another festival weekend, so much of the blah blah has been about going to B-fest. All reports point to it being a good un, weather was certainly nice this weekend, but does lead to me not having heaps for you. That’s fine though and to be expected. Starting out I wasn’t expecting to have something for every day.

First up The Oxides have a new tune on their Soundcloud. All I Do is a lovely little accoustic number, Jake asks that we look past the recording quality but it sounded fine to my ears.

And second up is Team Kapowski doing one of those Go North/Netsounds Unsigned rockhopper sessions. 8-bit War Games is what you expect from the guys, great beats, savvy geek lyrics. Some lovely game music synth in this, just ace all round really. The “chorus” combo code is how to get in Blair’s pants btw ladies, so bring a controller to the next gig 😉

And that’s it, not much today like I said. If you are reading this right after it’s gone up (any time before 10pm) turn on Marion on MFR as I do believe she’ll have more Bella session stuff. And you should listen to her anyway. There some kind of show on in London apparently but I haven’t decided if I’ll bother with it really…

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