dorec-a-belle album preview EP review

Essentially the girls are being a lot more honest than most folks. This is an EP, but they have an album coming out….oh lets say next year to be specifically vague and it’ll contains the tracks from this. LOTS of people do the same, but they don’t put it on front street. So this is an album preview, but it’s really an EP. Before I even get to what it sounds like check THIS out:

IT LOOKS LIKE IT’S VINYL! That’s a crappy picture, taken with my phone, but there’s grooves and everything on it! Don’t think it plays as vinyl, and the hole is a bit big so it would rattle about a bit, but it LOOKS like a record right down to the sleeve. For that factor alone it’s worth the cover price (£5, they have some in HMV in Inverness). Frikkin ADORABLE. But never judge a CD by it’s cover, judge it by the digitally encoded bits.

The track names (5 tracks, and a bonus video) also form a bit of a poem by themselves too, no idea if it’s deliberate. I’ll write them separated by punctuation to make my point. Listen, if I could. On the road, you got me, Ebony. Deeeeeep. Or nonsense, I’m a bit tired. So what do they sound like? (this’ll be fun, never reviewed a CD before).

This is actually a bit harder than I thought. Partly because I saw the ladies live 5 days ago and wrote about that. First track “Listen” makes you do just that. It punches in then settles itself, grabbing your attention and holding you in with a lilting sax riff. It’s one that has a definite French cafe vibe, probably down to me lacking any culture and going “accordion, cello and sax sounds a bit French”. It’s a powerful (though mellow, dorec-a-belle not Maiden after all) start and I don’t know if this is intended to be the first 5 tracks of the album but they’d have a tough time finding a better kick off tune.

I could go track by track and try and explain what each one sounds like, but I won’t. It’s a bit pointless to do that with music really and I’m probably not a good enough writer to pull it off. Here’s essentially what you get. The tracks are build around a core of acoustic guitar and cello, occasionally with accordion. The flute, sax and banjo/banjolele (like a banjo and a uke had a baby) are used for augmentation and are rarely too over powering as could quite easily happen, though all get their moments to shine. And there’s a bundle of melodic singing too. The ladies all have lovely voices and I am a sucker for that kind of thing.

It’s a bit tricky for me to pick a favourite track as it’s a toss up between two, but You Got Me is the one that’s stuck in my head the most and would be the one I’d expect to break out in to a wider world from the ones on here. It’s a pretty jumpy one, big sax and accordion bridge. Over all though the CD is rather mellow, the tracks can be similar but not samey by any means. There are much worse things to spend a fiver on, and you’d be hard pressed to find something better musically at that price. And it’s certainly whet my appetite for the full blown album when that comes out.

And if you stick the CD in to a PC there’s a bonus video of the ladies playing Ebony. It’s in a church, quite possibly Inverness Cathedral but I dunno as I’d catch fire if I tried to enter a church. Nice setting though and the acoustics in those places are really good.

Go buy it, you won’t regret it. I think your only shot just now is HMV Inverness, but could be wrong. AND IT LOOKS LIKE A WEE RECORD!!!!*

*warning, there is one small design flaw. As it’s record sleeve style the CD can fall out of the sleeve. So that’s you warned.

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