Music News 15/08/2012

Hey kids. Here’s what local bands have been saying for themselves/doing/releasing over the last day.

There’s still one TBC slot showing on The Eagle’s Battle of the Bands event page SO if you are quick you might be in with a shot. I’ll do a piece on the bands so you can form your opinions ahead of time, but that won’t be for a couple of weeks.

Also, if you are a band looking for something visual designed, like a poster/CD cover/Logo/whatevs head on over to Sodium3‘s page and he’ll sort you out. I don’t know if that’s Sodium 3, Sodium to the power of 3, Sodium cubed… Personally I like Nanana myself.

Another Rockhopper video from the boys at Team Kapowski. Stripped is…well not serious but not quite as comical as they’re other fair, though it still contains the geeky references that we all love. Grown up content and lyrics, fantastically constructed hip hop as always.

There’s a slot open at the Ironworks STV appeal gig. Just stick a link to your you tube or sound cloud or whatever and you’re in with a shot. My friend request is still pending, and if you are in a similar boat head on over to the Whisky River Band’s page and put your link on their post instead. Thanks Whisky’s!

Back over to You Tube and back in to the Rockhopper Studio. This band isn’t local, but I like em and they provided the bed music for my news posts at BNN. This Silent Forest performing How To Save A Drowning Man. Great stuff.

I have no idea what the craic is with tickets and that, but if you are planning to attend any of the “Summer in the City” events (that’s JLS, Status Quo, Runrig and Jools Holland over the weekend of the 23rd to 26th) at the Northern Meeting Park in Inverness here is the info you’ll need. I like to think as the green signs not as exit information but instructions on what to do when JLS come on stage.

Desecrator has a new live bootleg track up on his bandcamp page. Darkness Is Upon Thee. Turn up your speakers and give the neighbours a heart attack.

There’s a new video out from Rachel Sermanni. It’s for her song Waltz and I smell Alice in Wonderland influence on it. Lovely wee video, made me smile towards the end. And it’s a cracking tune, looking forward to hearing her album next month.

Are you a fan of Donald Macdonald and The Islands? Do you like not being naked? GOOD NEWS! They have a t-shirt on the way, it looks like this. You can’t get one yet.

Jocktoberfest has an element I didn’t know about. Come up with your best Scottish/German clothing hybrid for the festival and you’re in with a shot at winning a prize. Beer related I’m guessing. My kilt is too cumbersome for festival action so I’m out (don’t think it’s good in leider….lieder….leather trousers).

And let’s have one last Rockhopper video. This one is from Kobi, playing All The Way. You can catch Kobi live tomorrow (Thursday) along with Naked Red and The Little Mill of Happiness at the Ironworks. I done did a preview piece on that (and the action at The Greenhouse tomorrow), wot’s here.

And I’ll be at that so there won’t be a news piece tomorrow.

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