Summer Showcase #7 and #8 Preview

All damned summer the Ironworks have been treating us to weekly showcase gigs. 2 months worth. I would say that they feature the best the Inverness scene has to offer but…that’s not entirely true. Now I’m not saying that the bands playing aren’t very good, what I’m saying is that there are SO MANY good bands around here that we’d probably need another half dozen showcases before you could safely say that. And then you’d probably go “oh wait, what about those guys”. They have featured SOME OF the best though. And there’s two more to go, featuring some more of the best.

The summer block has featured similarly themed bands which takes care of the occasional jarring changes that happened during the Easter showcase. And less bands mean you don’t have to turn around, going from the front to the back of the crowd and vice verse a half dozen times. I did think that set up was very clever, didn’t always agree with who was where. Anyway that’s the past, this is about the future. Here’s who you can see at the next two showcases.


After me saying they were similar bands, this one might be a bit eclectic actually.

So first up will be Fifi and Rodaidh. She sings, he plays guitar, think there’ll probably be at least one other bod with them on the drums, maybe more. Haven’t seen them before and…..well I’m not sure they play my kind of stuff as it’s a bit on the reggae side. I love some ska, not a fan of reggae. I COULD be wrong though as I do only have the tunes on their page to go by (and it’s a lovely cover of One Love). Fifi does have a great voice and Rodaidh plays some mighty fine bluesy guitar but from my perspective they have a little bit of an uphill struggle. I’ll say this though, come review time I expect the worse thing I’ll have to say is “not really my bag but very well done”. More words than that obviously.

Like I say this one will be eclectic as next up it’s, well the poster says Graham Brown but I think it should probably say Sienna Lights as Graham Brown doesn’t exist anymore. Well obviously HE exists but he doesn’t really play under his solo name now, what with having people backing him and all. I first heard Graham back in February and thought he was very good then. Don’t think I’ve heard the full Sienna Lights experience, but have heard a half way there performance at Brew at the Bog. The additional instruments and expanded sound work really well and I’m looking forward to hearing the whole band. Or whatever we get, it’s all good. And it’ll probably be kinda light folk indie rock style stuff.

And last up, Thousand Stars. They’re a female lead alternative rock band, only reason I’m pointing out that the singer is a girl is that that’s semi-rare for the rock bands in these parts. It’s relatively light rock and it wouldn’t go amiss on the soundtrack of an ensemble drama show, so think slightly angsty Californian stuff and you won’t be too far off. Or you could just listen to them instead of being baffled by my dodgy descriptions. Saw them live once and they were very good, though a big iffy vocally due to the cold. Unless they have really bad luck that won’t be the case again. And they aren’t TOO jarring from Thousand Stars but are distinct.

So it’s a bit of a mixed bag night really. Not in quality but in sounds. Should be a good one and possibly a taste expanding one for me.


Less eclectic for this one and a strong finish.

First up, well the poster says Jake Bolt I believe that’s wrong and we’ll actually get The Oxides. I caught these guys a few weeks ago and there’s one word for them, tight. Extremely good rock band who’s sound mixes American and British indie rock admirably. Expect a lot of dancing around to this. Possibly from me, and no one wants that so I’ll try not to.

They’re followed by Toby Michaels Rolling Damned. They’re an epic rock band going by the one track on there, haven’t heard them live. Wouldn’t go wrong on a bill with Kobi and that’s not just down to sharing a bass player. Honestly don’t know tons about them so looking forward to it.

And finally, the mighty Roadway back to full strength and rocking hard. Proper rock too. Remember I’m from the 80’s, so that’s proper rock to me and these guys make your denim comfortable and your hair start to grow a bit. Well I assume as I haven’t seen them live yet. And I’m also slightly, only slightly, disappointed this won’t be an acoustic set as I’ve heard a bit of that and they sound fantastic unplugged as well.

Should be a damned powerful finale to what has been a very very good showcase season. Hopefully you’ve discovered some new acts that you didn’t before, and if you haven’t you might at the remaining nights. For me half will be brand new and one will be different from the last time. Which is nice.

Both showcases are £3 at the door, and they’ll be done around ten so you don’t have to worry about being out late on a school night. So get your arse to the Ironworks! Also, not to fear that now this is over you won’t be able to see collections of local new and semi new music on a weekly basis. The Battle of the Bands starts in The Eagle a week after this is done. But that will be another article…

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