Music News 20/08/2012

Hey Kids, here’s what’s been going on over the last day or two.

Ailsa Jean Lyall Mathews is looking for gigs. She’s new at this, very talented and could use the help. SO if you are looking for a piano/guitar/singer combo, think they would fit, want to try music out in your place or just have some advice go give her a hand. Scenes only thrive if you keep new blood coming in and help each other out after all. I’d recommend the Inverness Music and Musicians Inverness groups as places to meet fellow music bods, and getting along to open mic nights and the like myself. Not a musician though so I don’t know about getting gigs. OH and friend/like Hootananny Inverness as they post if they’re looking for people to play.

Everyone has started announcing they’re Halloween events. Bogbain Farm have some ska action, The Greenhouse has some metal coming at ya (both on the Saturday) and Hoots/Mad Hatters are having a rocky one on the actual night. BUT I’m not going to tell you in detail what’s going on because I plan to do a big old Halloween piece once the details are all out there. So hopefully Mark won’t be teasing us too much for too long! In the mean time there’s an Inverness gigs bit up for the Hoots one which is for charidy mate.

Donald Macdonald (and the Islands) are in Mull doing a spot of recording. What for I’m not sure. And whether Mull’s most famous son Roddy Woomble is even slightly involved I don’t know either, I’m sure he’s not the only musician there though. Whatever they are working on I’m looking forward to it though. A second Summerhouse session track has been uploaded, Cry, and if whatever it is is half as good as these tracks have been I’ll love the hell out of it.

Inverness gigs have a piece up for the Battle of the Bands here . I’ll have my own in the usual style a bit closer to the time. In the mean time the poster for the first one looks like this:

They also have a review of the 6th showcase by newbie Douglas Barr. He does a good job and judging by the review I’m guessing he’s a musician, possibly a bassist. Could be wrong though. Welcome to the world of band bothering Douglas! I’M NOT THE NEW GUY ANYMORE! (I’ve actually been at this for 6 months now, the site is just new and I took a break). MY review of that there gig is right here.

If anyone knows Laura Dillion let her know that she’s won the Scooty and the Skyhooks competition and the band are having trouble contacting her so she should give them a shout ASAP!

The next Cleavers….well EP knowing them, prolific buggers that they are, will have some PIANO on it! Don’t break it boys. Cleavers with piano, that’ll be interesting! There’s a new t-shirt in the works as well for their European tour. Bit gutted I never got a Zooey one, but chuffed with my Marvel Heroes one. They do good shirts these guys.

If you are willing to travel as far as London, or happen to be going there around the 26th of September OR are there already (there’s hits all over the joint for this page!) you can win tickets to see Rachel Semanni courtesy of For Folks Sake just by emailing them the name of your favourite album. Which could be embarrassing. Me? New Kids on The Block, The Right Stuff obviously.

Abagail Grey are proving to be a band that never stops as they’re hard at work on a winter release even though they’re next EP, Dark Wood, isn’t out yet! You can pre-order Dark Wood here like I did. And there’ll be a review pre-release cause I was cheeky and asked for mine early πŸ˜‰

And that’ll do ya, more than I expected actually! Remember to like the Facebook page if you haven’t already and invite all of your music loving friends. And other stuff, but lets face it the page is MAINLY music. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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