Music News 21/08/2012

Hey kids. Here’s what local bands have been up to over the last day.

If like me you didn’t make it to The Greenhouse last Thursday for the open mic session but would still like to help the Red Hook Rapids in becoming Tennessee Bound (hahaha, I’m funny) you can do so here. My money isn’t where my mouth is YET but will be come pay day. Go chuck them a couple of quid.

As I wrote in this piece there’s two more showcases to go. The good fellas over at Netsounds Unsigned have put together a mix tape for you all which you can get here and listen the hell out of over the next couple of days.

Also ahead of the showcase you can have a wee read of Thousand Stars talking to Inverness Gigs. In the influences I’d say more the former than the later, they nearly fall in to arty nonsense when talking about why you should see them but not quite AND I didn’t know they had an EP! See I read/watch/listen to the stuff I’m writing about.

As you can tell by the rather large lack of coverage I’m not that big on electronic aka dance-though-it-has-100-genres-in-itself music. BUT that’s no reason not to give it a mention now and again, and I do like some. The guys over at Justice Never Sleeps should keep you well covered, though they aren’t limited to local stuff. It’s a male dominated industry (aren’t they all, right ladies? Men eh?) but they’ve done a piece highlighting 5 of the best Lady DJs. A quick scan and none of them are local. Do we have Lady DJs in these parts? Surely.

Not a lady but is a local DJ, Boomshank Redemption has a new track out. It’s called Air 29, it’s House apparently and I think it’s rather good actually. Well constructred, interesting wee bits and bobs throughout. Like I say, I like some don’t like others and I’m FAR from an expert. Generally get put off by the tracks that have some random auto-tune wifey singing over it if I’m honest. “Jimmy Jams featuring Alice D? WHO THE HELL IS ALICE D AND WHY WOULD I CARE?!” Moving on…

To another new track as it happens, this time of a heavily rocky vein. Cactus & Cardigan, who are a bit Primus-y in my limited experience of both, with….George Michael Cums Cobwebs. I swear sometimes so I can’t object to that title. Really want Marion to play it on the radio just so she has to dance around the title!

Rockers Estrella, who are probably the most prolific band on Facebook but they are on tour, have a couple of news updates as well. The first features a video asking you to vote for them in the Scottish New Music Awards (and while you are there you can also vote for a few other locals, you have until Saturday). The second piece announces that that belly dancing video for Do It Till We Drop will be featured in the London Tate Modern Art Gallery. Well done guys!

Some acts seem to be featured every day just now, so it’s time for some Rachel Sermanni. In this video you can see and hear her performing In The Hollow for Student Pocket Guide TV. Lovely stuff, nice wellies. I don’t normally bother linking Facebook pictures but she’s also just bought a new violin and she’s lovely (violins are girls Rachel).

Are you a fiddler….no wait, that doesn’t sound right. Are you a violinist, guitarist or cellist (should really be chellist…)? Are you completely perfect at whichever instrument it is that you play? Of course you aren’t, life is a learning process. Well the Blazin Fiddles and friends have a week long music school that should be right up your alley. It’s called Blazin’ In Beauly, it’s….in Beauly in October (I’m guessing tatty holiday time but I don’t GET tatty holidays) and if the website doesn’t have enough info and you have some questions then contact them at or 0779 294 7269 and Bruce (I’m guessing) will be happy to answer whatever questions you have.

Abagail Grey has a rather entertaining blog at this site btw, so you should probably read that for random thoughts and stories. And if you visit the fanRX section of their page (link right to it in lieu of normal front page) you can download a copy of track Water as an EP taster.

Want an insight in to the life of rock stars? Can’t give you that. How about some young musicians pissing about a bit? Sorted. Purple Divide have a new video out for their song Escape featuring behind the scene and gig footage from the YMI tour right here. Good idea, well executed.

And that’ll do ya. Busier day than I thought! Now go like my Facebook page and tell all your friends would ya?

Oh and there’s now an email address, so if I’ve been missing your band or, and this is probably unlikely, you want to slip me some news for these posts drop us a mail. Cheers.

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