Halloween Option 1: Bogbain Farm

I was going to do one big post on Halloween, but it would be TOO DAMNED BIG so this is the first in a series of (currently) 3, and you can actually attend two of the events without any hassle. This may change though.

I frikkin love Halloween. Any excuse to get dressed up and play a character, I am an actor after all. Haven’t been overly successful the last few years but should have the funds and time to do something decent this time around. I’m always impressed when people put some effort in. As enjoyable as it might be to see scantily clad ladies you’re just being lazy if you buy a “kinky whatever” costume. Although there was a very nice lady Captain America last year…. Anywho, I’m off on a tangent.

Halloween is always at it’s best when it’s a bit “not really” scary. I’ve watched god knows how many horror films in my day and there’s one location that works well for a slasher flick. The abandoned or seemingly so farm. Farms in the dark are inherently a wee bit creepy. There’s generally some bright lights that throw big shadows around, there’s mysterious abandoned machinery that looks weird in the dark. Sharp things abound. And they’re generally old well built buildings with stone work showing all over the joint which add to the ambiance. Plus, your a bit out of the way so help might be a while. Add in farm folk and you’re script is half done.

Of course Bogbain Farm isn’t abandoned, isn’t really scary (it’s actually rather lovely) and Bruce and Yvonne don’t fit the creepy farm folk mold.

Another thing guaranteed to give people a bit of a shock is a bomb scare. However it tends to lead to the party being over and the rozzers showing up. Luckily, the action on the 27th is the exact opposite kind of bomb scare. Bombskare are a high energy ska band and when one of those turns up the party gets started. If you aren’t familiar with ska, or don’t think you are, it’s what Madness, No Doubt and Reel Big Fish are. It’s a Caribbean style of music known for a good bass line and upbeat tunes. The kind of stuff you have to jump about like an idiot to. I love a bit of ska. Bombskare do they’re own stuff and ska’d up covers (at least, going by Spotify, they do some Beatles stuff).

If you do too then that’s your Saturday before Halloween sorted out. Head over here, tickets are a tenner (well, an elevener with booking) and the bar has some damned fine and somewhat unique for round her booze behind it. Ska and Punk IPA = winning combination.

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