Halloween Option 2: Hoots

Actually it’s on both floors, so Mad Hootanatters!

Now I said in the Option 1 piece that you can go to at least 2 of the (currently) 3 events, and this is the non clashing one. It’s actually ON Halloween, which is a Wednesday this year, so yay for that but unfortunately it’s also a school night. BUT carpe diem (stuff your YOLO somewhere, I’m classy) and a couple on a weekday isn’t the end of the world.

Particularly as there is a whole heap of music on offer for you. AND some form of movie action from Screen Hi (not sure what yet). AND it’s for charidee mate. I shall get to that in a bit, but first the bands. I don’t know running order so I’ll do them in press release order. Here’s who will be spread over the two floors (and possibly a number of them will be ON those floors by the end of the night).

Zombie Militia are a damned fine metal band. I unfortunately had to miss their set at the Easter Showcase as it was last bus time but I saw a video and they put on a hell of a show. I doubt there will be the same level of theatrics this time around but there will be some full on proper metal. And if things kick off and people’s costumes become real you want some boys who are ready for the zombies, right?

Cleavers are in the news posts all the damned time so you should be familiar with them by now. They play fast, they play loud, they are punk. Also, they are good which is quite important really.

Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned who will be in the final showcase. I mention this because I haven’t seen them live so I can only go by recordings at the moment. So I do know for sure that they are a metal band of the highest quality. I don’t know if the crowd interaction and humour are just a Bella thing or if that’s a general motif. Hope so! And they’ll have a busy Halloween period as you will see in the option 3 post.

Swamp Radio, speaking of highest quality there’s more of that on show here. More rock than metal, bit proggy I suppose and I’ve enjoyed the heck out of them both times I’ve seen them.

Skeleton Verse who are new to me. That’s because they aren’t from this neck of the woods, they’re from Fort Bill and Glasgow. More than a bit of System of a Down about these guys, but with a Scottish accent. Loud, speedy lyrics, nice.

Last Summer Effect back with the home grown talent (the above are the only tourists really, unless a TBA is from far away). An accomplished rock band who veer towards the anthemic style of alternative rock with a high energy front man. Generally guaranteed to please, and certainly looking to get a crowd going.

And last of the announced bands (as I said, there’s a TBA) Searching for Donkeys. Completely new for me, haven’t seen them live. That said they’ve only existed for 2 months so that’s no surprise! So all I can really say is that they’re a rock band and they’re a lot mellower than the others on the bill. Which will give you a bit of a breather thankfully. I’d say more compared to the first five, with LSE filling in the gap in the middle.

So that’s a whole lot of music with a bit more to come. How much? Up to you. Entry is by donation and all proceeds go to Birchwood Highland who do a fine job of improving the lives of people with mental illness. Worthy cause, good music, an excuse to dress up and drink on a weekday. What more could you ask for?

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