Music News 22/08/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been going on over the last 24 hours.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, man, practice. Or a cab. The problem with band practice is it can annoy the neighbours a bit. The feelers of an idea have been put out by Barry Macfarlane that would negate that issue though. in his words “How many bands out there need somewhere to practice? How many bands out there would be interested in using the soon to be opening venue Upstairs at The Eagle for practice sessions during the week in return for gigs at The weekends? Just an idea at the moment, so feedback any comments you have.” If you know Barry give him a shout, if you don’t then post a comment on the news post on our Facebook page and I’ll make sure he see’s it.

If you are in Nairn I have your Friday night sorted for you. There’s a charity gig at the community and arts centre featuring music from Beauly Firth and Glens Pipe Band, Cameron MacIvor, singing trio ‘Suntach’ and Chris Donaldson (who’s organising it). It’s in aid of Maggies Highland and the Highland Breast Care Centre, and you can win prizes too. Check out the event page here and let them know you are coming.

Got a couple of videos for you now. This is the Coffee Shop Blues Revue Band, which as far as I can tell is a loose collaboration of some of The Greenhouse regulars (thankfully not me, I’d maybe be a Bez) performing Messing With The Kid before travelling Further On Up The Road (mic on the camera is a bit overwhelmed I think). Talented bunch of folks you get in there. And me sometimes.

We’re a whole four paragraphs in and she hasn’t been mentioned yet, so here’s some Rachel Sermanni for you. Grub Banjo Song is a gentle wee scrappy song, extremely lovely stuff. If you’ve got more of this kind of thing laying around then unearth it!

Time for another one of those goNorth and Netsounds Unsigned Rockhopper sessions from Bella. She’s not local, but Miss Irenie Rose IS extremely talented. This is her tune Creek Swinging. I met her before and after her set at Brew at the Bog. She’s rather quiet and was a bit nervous before playing. Seems to be a common thread with a lot of female folk acts. Shy, then they get on stage and hit you with a hell of a voice. Gutted I missed her playing and I won’t be making that mistake again.

While we’re on Bella, Houdi proves to be a man of his word with his recollections of Saturday at Bella here. As you’d expect plenty of photos too, he is a photographer after all, both in the post and linked galleries off it. Good stuff, and I missed it…

There’s only 300 tickets left for Loopallu so if you haven’t got one yet hurry up as it’s going to sell out again. More bands, and therefore another preview post, will be announced this week. Tickets are here and if you want to bring a campervan you are shit out of luck.

If you wondered what the Slim Panatellas sound like then wonder no more. This is Little Ray of Sunshine and it’s bloody brilliant. I couldn’t make it on Saturday what with bills taking a big chunk of money this week. Didn’t realise that Will Doig was involved, I know him from acting land!

The Red Kites are gearing up for this next EP. Currently planning Plans, Lizzy Jane, Midnight Lights, Cast Away and Granite City Sunshine. They’d appreciate your feedback on that on their page. My feedback? Well I don’t know the tunes of the top of my head but YESGETRECORDINGIWANNAHAVEMOREREDKITESINMYHANDNOW probably sums it up.

There’s an interview with Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned up at Inverness Gigs. Reading that I think I could end up being a rather big fan of these guys. And there’s a video in there for Save Me that was recorded in Heroes For Sale, Inverness’ very own comic book shop that I haven’t been to in far too long and you should all spend lots of money in.

And that’s where we’ll finish. No news post tomorrow as it’s Showcase time at the Ironworks again. So review of that instead, later on. Thanks for reading, feel free to share about!

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