Music News 26/08/2012

Hey kids, here’s what local acts have been up to in the last couple of days.

The Cleavers have a surprise planned when they hit 600 likes on Facebook (I’d be happy with 100 myself). Not sure what obviously, and frankly I’m not sure I want to find out. BUT you only live once, bollocks I mean carpe diem, SO go over and give them a like if you haven’t already. They’re not shit. Also, Dan is selling a guitar at a reasonable price that’s in pretty good nick. Hit the page for details.

Obviously it’s up to me how far away I cover but I’m trying to keep it to the Highlands (with the odd exception). If I didn’t I’d be far too busy for one thing. Skye is in the Highlands, it goes quite far to the west really. And South. And possibly East. It’s big. ANYWAY Marion Scott at MFR has been playing Siiga‘s tracks and after the most recent one I thought “fek it” and added his (there?) name to the list. He (they?) have been releasing a track a month free for nothing (but you can by a high quality version) all this year. I won’t link them all but if you hit that Facebook page there have been links over the last day or so. At the end of the year it’ll make a 12 track album, woo! Here’s the latest track Stay Home AND here it is in video form or here if you don’t like vimeo. Lovely stuff (the audio. I’m sure they’re good looking lads but I like girls).

And if I’m going to include Skye I may as well include Mull, so Roddy Womble has been added to that list too (not that he needs me covering him). If I’m missing, or appear to be missing, your band or a band you really like and fit in the general Highlands and Islands category (I’m not overly fussy, The Capitals and PAWS are in there cause they’re from here) then give me a shout via comments somewhere or on email at No Runrig though.

Short video here of a bit of the Coffee Shop Blues Revue Band with guest vocalist Josephine Sillars doing some Chain of Fools (as with the last couple of videos, sound is a bit on the wonk). And it’s her birthday today, so happy birthday Josephine!

There’s only one showcase left now, but here’s a video from one a couple of weeks back. Here’s dorec-a-belle with Goodnight Moon. I’m down and to the right there. Off screen. Probably for the best. And yes you’ve heard it before, it’s a cover of a track from Kill Bill vol 2.

Rockhopper time again. goNorth/Netsounds Unsigned had the fantastic Brown Bear and the Bandits in playing The Chase. I’m amazed that the caravan isn’t just swarmed by people with their ears pressed against it.

And that’ll do ya. If like me you have the bank holiday off then have a good no work Monday, and give the old Facebook page a click on the like button. Thanks for reading.

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