Jocktoberfest update!

Looky what came in the post today! Yay!

If you aren’t the proud recipient of one of these sexy sexy armbands what are you waiting for? And if for some reason you need more reasons to want to go they announced another two bands today.

The Lafontaines: Without even hearing these guys I already liked them. I’m a voice actor and they are named for one of our greats, the late Don Lafontaine. If you don’t know the name you’ve heard his voice, he was the “movie trailer” guy. This guy. From what I understand he was going to do some voice bits for them on an album but sadly the timing didn’t work out. Anyway enough about that, what do they sound like? They’re a fusion of hip hop style lyrics and rock music. Calling them Linkin Park but from Motherwell kind of fits, but not entirely. Go check them out for yourself. I was very happy when I saw they were coming as I’ve failed to see them on a number of occasions this year.

I was also happy to see this name though I did catch a bit of them at Brew at the Bog.

Washington Irving: Named after the author probably, he wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle (credit where it’s due, The Lafontaines let me know. Should have known already as I’m pretty sure I’ve READ Sleepy Hollow). I’ve listened to the 5 track EP that you can get on their page a lot of times. A fantastic rocky folk 5 piece, toe tapping stuff. And The Glebe makes me chuckle to myself every time I listen to it. Didn’t catch their whole set at the previously mentioned fest so I’ll rectify that this time.

Add that lot to this lot (you’ve probably already read that, it’s the most popular piece I’ve written so far!) and you’re in for a damned fine weekend. £20 will get you one of those armbands here, another £5 will get you a camping spot. Ceilidh on the Friday night for those of us that are there. I’m reliably informed it’s awesome craic. And I’ll finish with the poster.

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4 thoughts on “Jocktoberfest update!

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    • I had tickets for the last gig they did in the Ironworks, can’t remember why I ended up not being able to go, so I’m well chuffed 🙂

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