Loopallu 2012 update!

Right, Loopallu have announced their second headliner and a bunch of other acts. Here’s what they sound like. And here was the first batch.

Saturday night headliners are Scouting for Girls. You’ve no doubt heard of them, they did “She’s so loverly” and a few other hits. Indie rock, on the poppy side of the genre. Think they were up here quite a lot a few years ago as well. Personally I quite enjoy their stuff though the tunes I’m currently familiar with are a bit samey. That said, should be a fun set as they are very upbeat. And my mum will probably be quite happy as she’s heard of them.

Next up (this isn’t running order obviously, I don’t have that) it’s Kassidy. They were at Bella this year and many of you no doubt saw them there. For those of you who didn’t or don’t know who they are, they’re a four piece indie rock band. Pretty funky and anthemic with a smear of Americana to their sound. And plenty of beard.

Anyone who reads this blog’s news posts should know the name Rachel Sermanni by now. Local lassie from Carrbridge, she has a lyrical voice and plays one mean folky guitar. She won’t be alone as she generally has a few other girls with her on violin and keys, and a couple of boys on percussion and other guitars. Making it sound like an orchestra. Hell, y’all know her, know how she earns a living. As far as I’m aware she won’t be in Inverness as part of the album launch tour and this is during that time period so…..this’ll be your local gig for that.

Quite complementary to Rachel, though how the running order will play out I don’t know, we have The Staves. 3 ladies, all of them sing, one is on the uke and another on guitar. It’s gentle, lovely stuff. If the set was in the Ironworks the tables would be out with candles on them, and they wouldn’t go out of place in the Greenhouse (in fact they remind me of The Carrivick Sisters a bit but there’s more of them with less instruments). New discovery for me, very much looking forward to them as this is my bag, baby.

The goNorth festival tour is also in effect, with not 1 but 3 acts. Miniature Dinosaurs, who I’ll now be seeing TWICE in September. I’m lazy, hold on. A poppy indie rock band. Interesting sounding singer, kind of like the guy from The Divine Comedy, the standard rock instruments and a bit of synth. Damned fine stuff. I nicked that from the Jocktoberfest piece. Anyway, yay!

Also, DEEP BREATH Anderson, Mcginty, Webster, Ward and Fisher (FROM MEMORY, high five!). AMWWF are a funky bluesy folk band. And they’re finger pickin good, along with strumming and some slide thrown in. One I’ve failed to see a couple of times, September is a catch up month for me.

Brown Bear and the Bandits, who confused me for a bit as I thought they might actually be from this neck of the woods before I checked. Not today, this was a while ago. They’ve been up a fair few times, obviously as they’re part of the goNorth thing, and very welcome they are too. A three piece (two guys and a lady) poppy folk band, which basically means folk that you can dance around to, with a distinct celtic twist. They’ve got a lot of heart and will definitely get you going.

Nowt to do with goNorth, we have Naked Strangers. They don’t have far to travel, being from Ullapool and all, and appear to be fairly mental. They’re indie rock, sound fairly like the White Stripes actually. They were new to me but won’t be forgotten as they’re damned good.

And finally, a band plucked from relative obscurity that the organisers think will be a bit on the big side in times to come. All the way from lahndun, Public Service Broadcasting. They’re certainly unique (FB page says Ethno-funk, I have no clue what that is). Snippets from public information films, set to electronic and non electronic music. Combining theramins, synth, drums, banjo and guitar. The Loopallu folks linked their The War Room EP so I will too. Pretty weird, very interesting, no idea what my opinion on them is if I’m honest. Intrigued.

This isn’t all yet, at the very least there’s still the fringe to contend with and that’s quite a few bands in itself. If you haven’t bought a ticket yet you could well be out of luck as the site only has child tickets for sale now. Maybe keep an eye out to see if anyone can’t go anymore. Or just create your own festival by listening to everyone above? Glad I got mine a few weeks ago now! Like the Facebook page and if I stumble across any I’ll try and remember to mention it on there, can’t have you missing out after all.

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