Music News 29/08/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening for the last day or so.

Phew, busy boy tonight. All down to Loopallu announcing a whole bunch of acts. I won’t repeat them here but it’s the article before this. Won’t bother linking it either (if you are reading this in THE FUTUR click the Loopallu tag at the bottom). And why no link to the Loopallu site so you can get tickets? There aren’t any. At least I don’t THINK there are any besides child tickets. Now I assume that what will probably happen is they’ll close off the kid ones and make some amount of adult ones available, as kids shouldn’t really go on their own and if you were bringing your’s you’ve bought them tickets already. That’s just speculation though, along with it being sold out. Typing with my arse. I’ll move on…

To non arse. The new Netsounds Unsigned podcast is out. They have a natter with Toby Michaels Rolling Damned over a spot of tea, and a bunch of great session tracks. I’ll freely admit I’m taking that from the notes as if I listened to the whole thing right now the date on this post would be wrong and I’d never get it done. Plan to though!

Two extra people have been added to the STV Appeal Gig (click that for tickets) on the 6th of September. The lovely Ailsa Jean Lyall Mathews and the also lovely Barry Mackay (and also also loverly Ryan Golder too I expect) join those already listed, well done guys! Note to self, update listings (you’ll see those on Friday).

Jocktoberfest (that still has tickets I believe, GO GET ONE) have an Acoustic Bar Stage in addition to the….whatever the main one is called. On that you’ll be able to hear Megan Blyth, Ashley and Ben (I believe that’s half of these guys but shout at me if I’m wrong), Sara and Colin Hasbeen (half of these guys? again, shout at me. That’ll be nice if it is as I’m friends with Colin but I’ve never seen him perform.), Adrian Telfer / All Hat No Cat and Steve Eaglesham. Which is very nice and means you won’t be bored if you have to wait for a drink. Yes I know I did a Jocktoberfest piece yesterday but I didn’t know about this (need to get off my butt and email people so they send me stuff, stupid lazy (actually the opposite, too damned busy) Macgyver).

By the way, and this will apply to the listings too, I ONLY link if you have a music page. I’ll never link someone’s personal Facebook account unless requested so if you are a solo person and you’ve no got a page, that’s why there’s no link. If you want me to add one to ANYWHERE then drop me a line at

This is a bit of a “everything that Netsounds have been up to” post today. The guys filmed some people on the roof of Hoots back when goNorth was going on. Here’s Selective Service with Accident Prone. Fitting after a break down, probably not the best song to sing on a roof though. Just asking for trouble. In the much more protective confines of the Rockhopper caravan thingy here’s Matt Norris and the Moon with Shadow From The Sun. Brilliant stuff as always.

That’s your lot. I think this will be up just past midnight anyway so THE DATE IS A LIE. No news for sure tomorrow as I will be at the last of the Summer Showcases in the Ironworks. The Facebook page hit 69 likes today, giggle giggle snort. If you haven’t already then give it a like, I’m aiming for the hundo. Thanks for reading 🙂

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