Music News 31/08/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening with local acts over the last couple of days.

By the time I finish this that date will probably be a lie. Ach well.

Glasgow based but Tain bred, PAWS new album Cokefloat is now up for pre-order. You can get it here on it’s own, with a t-shirt or with a t-shirt and a print. Middle one will suit me just dandy. And it’s in 3 formats! In an ideal world I’d have a good record player and a kick ass set of headphones, but I don’t.

From the 3rd of September for 28 days a new radio station will mysteriously appear then suddenly vanish. MonsterFM is hosted/produced/everythinged I assume by people from the Radioskills course at MFR. More or less anyway. BOUND to be plenty of local tunes spun on there. Once again I assume. If not I’m willing to be a cut rate Marion for a bit. No? Didn’t think so, they want the station to be good! 106.1 on your FM dial, and then it goes away again. But will probably be back next year.

Loopallu? Officially sold out now. So no tickets available from the site. But if you troll about on Gumtree and it’s ilk I’m sure you will be able to find something. On behalf of every other punter in the world, please don’t pay over the normal price (except for postage cover) for any tickets though. Someone not being able to go anymore is a good reason to flog a ticket. Someone being a touty bastard and looking to make a few quid ISN’T. Don’t encourage them.

If you had a book going, it’s 280 words until I say Rachel Sermanni. An unique video this time, great concept. goCarshare had a chat and a tune (copywrite me as when/if I start doing video interviews it’s going to be called that) with Rachel, where she plays Waltz (its the first single after all) and natters about some of the background of the album being made and stuff. Very interesting video, nice wee stories, go have a watch

Spoke Too Soon are vanishing in to studio land for 5 days, they are hoping to get 5 tunes so I assume an EP is on the horizon. Caught them at the showcase, they RAWK, can’t wait.

And I’ll finish off with a band selling you (and me as I don’t have any of it) stuff. Donald Macdonald and the Islands online store is now live. A couple of T’s and an EP on offer at reasonable prices. I like that black one and haven’t got the EP, so I’ll have to fix that quite sharply. Anyone want to start paying me to do this?! No? Overtime at work it is then, September is a busy month.

Have a look for yourselves by clicking on The List up there ^ Up to the quite recent gig listings for what’s on that I’m aware of. I can’t claim it’s complete (at time of writing it isn’t, but there’ll be some significant updates soon. Don’t have what’s on for a few venues) but it’ll be pretty close and it should look fine and dandy on a phone. When it’s updated a great way to hear about it is, of course, to subscribe to the blog either below or by liking the Facebook page. Thanks for reading. And the date is a lie, but only just.

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