Music News 01/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening with local acts over the last day

Not much to be honest. This will be a very short one, got two videos from the Showcases to share with you, but the other bit of news is possibly time sensitive so wanted to get it out there in good time. As I don’t have much to report on I’ll plug site stuff. First off, if you click The List on the top bar you’ll find gig listings for various places over the next month. It’s not complete, I can never promise it will be, but it should be MORE complete than most. It’s more complete than a certain book that came through the door the other day (advantages of not having a deadline). And the page is phone friendly. Not knocking the people I’m not naming, they do a fine job, but the site is a bit of a mess. I want this to be nice and simple. Only added feature is links to band pages and to tickets when appropriate. Feedback welcome, and requested updates will be done in a timely manner.

Also, last night I posted my Follow Friday for Twitter post with anyone’s twitter account I could find. I know of a few not on there but they are essentially personal accounts. I’ll only add them on request. If you or your band or venue or organisation or….whatever are missing then let me know in a comment, on Facebook or at Make sure you give me your twitter handle when you do it as I might not be able to find you (I checked around 80 names when compiling it). And while I’m rambling about site stuff, please please please go and like that Facebook page I just mentioned and tell any interested friends. Likes make me happy and make me work harder. On with why I’m actually here:

The time sensitive news is that there are two open slots on week three of the battle of the bands at the Eagle. If you want to fill one of those slots give Barry Macfarlane a shout, the main page is here. You have to be free on September 19th and, if you are a hopeful sort, October 10th for the final when you win it. The grand prize is 3 days of recording at StrathSound which is plenty of time to get an EP knocked out. Go enter!

And here’s the two videos. First up it’s dorec-a-belle from their showcase set. It’s called Don’t Look At Me, Maryann Frew dedicated it to her ma, and it’s a bit lovely. Look at them though, it’s a video. And the hats are awesome. Also awesome, but very much wanting you to look at them, here’s Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned with I believe You Call This A Party but I could be wrong. I’m crap at titles and need slapped in the face with them. Usual mobile recording disclaimer on sound, but it’s no bad. Proper rock that. OH and this is the Jonny Gash playing I was referring to in my review. Ace.

And that’ll do you for today, shortish if I hadn’t rambled at the start. Peace out y’all.

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