STV Appeal gig preview

Now I’m not going to preview every gig going, though I do have 5 articles (including this) that are preview pieces in the works. I am listing as many as I can in The List above, but that’s about it for future stuff (not counting festivals) bar the odd piece. I’m not mystic meg. That said, this is well preview worthy and I want as many people as possible to go to it.

No matter what you might think of STV’s programming, or the single that goes along with this whole thing, it’s for some worthy charities and the money stays within our wee country. I’ll just nick some of their own words for the charity bit:

Working closely with six major Scottish charities (Aberlour, Action for Children, Barnardo’s Scotland, Children 1st, Save the Children Scotland and One Parent Families Scotland) the STV Appeal supports initiatives that seek to change the lives of Scotland’s most vulnerable young people in a sustainable, long term way.

All operational costs of the STV Appeal are met by The Hunter Foundation and STV meaning that every penny donated by the public will go directly to support those children most in need.

STV Appeal is the only charity where every penny raised is doubled by the Scottish Government and spent in Scotland.

Those three points are all I really care about from the larger page. Who it’s for, that all the money goes there, and that it gets doubled by Big Eck and the Funky Bunch. Alllriiiight. But we are selfish beings by nature, us humans. I wouldn’t fork over money (even if it is only £6) for a BAD gig regardless of the cause. But if you’ve been paying attention to the music section of this page you’ll realise something very important. This is the Highlands, we have shit loads of extremely good bands and artists, why would they put on a bad gig? They wouldn’t, and haven’t. Here is the line up to please your ears while you put your money to a good cause. In no particular and probably more or less backwards to running order order:

The Whisky River Band – Folk rock at it’s finest and never a bad time had by anyone, the Whiskys will make you jump around. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, all that good stuff. It’s actually getting a bit hard to write blurby bits for them. And probably pointless, you MUST have seen the Whiskys by now. No? Get your arse to this then!

Alas KOBI have had to pull out due to illness. Well half of them anyway. The other half will still be there though as replacement band Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned share a few members. Still epicly rocking, but in a different way. Big guitar licks, crazy antics, good lucky getting back on the stage if you leave it Toby! You call this a party? Well it sure is now. A little bit of these guys does you good. Other song title.

City in Surveillance – some indie rock scamps that got together in college roughly a half mile or so away from where I work. They’ve been knocking about for around a year now and have been gigging away for all that time. No idea if they passed the course, but they should have as they are a very fine wee rock band who bring a lot of energy to their songs. Ah to be young again…

3 acts in, down to 2 quid an act, we’re not done yet!

Ailsa Jean Lyall Mathews – This might only be her 3rd ever gig, I may have missed one though. It also puts me in the awkward position of seeing someone 3 times in one month, twice in one week (the record is 3 in a week currently held by Megan Blyth). Thankfully she’s bloody good. Music wise relatively simple stuff, which works for the style, vocally powerful as all hell. Put yourself in the enviable position of being able to tell people you saw her way back when she was just starting in a couple of years.

And finally, Barry Mackay and Ryan Golder. They’re no bad like.

What, you want more than that? I kid. Not sure if they’ll have a few others playing with them, either way it’ll be an excellent gig. The boys both play one mean guitar (well, one each obviously) and sing one mean…voice. Long term fans, that includes me, will also be waiting to see if the medley has expanded any. Heartful songs, songs to make you tap your feet, you’ll laugh, you’ll etc.

6 QUID?! That’s so rediculous that I tried to do a capital 6 there! Click this link and go and buy a ticket. Or maybe just get one at the door. Wouldn’t order after Monday just to be safe. I think you can probably call the Ironworks and reserve one though. OH there’s e tickets now too. I never do that cause I don’t have a printer. Why are you still reading, you should be buying a bloody ticket. GO! CHARIDY!

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