Battle of the Bands heat 1 preview

Yup you read that right, a Battle of the Bands! The Eagle, to celebrate the impending opening of up stairs as a newly refurbished gig having place are hosting a Battle of the Bands throughout September, with a final in October to decide who is the supreme ruler of music in the entire Universe and also who gets 3 days of recording at StrathSound. Mainly the second bit as everyone knows the best music is Zathrok on Blergon 7. No offence locals. Anyway, here is who you’ll be hearing on the 5th of September in The Eagle. with times and everything. 30 minute sets, 10 minute turn around.

From 9, Square One. Anyone making a “back to Square One” joke when one of the other bands is playing will be turfed out. They describe themselves as a light rock band. Me? I think that they’re a folk rock band with strong hints of Americana and blueseyness in their sound. I do only have the one track to go on though as these kids are brand new to me. Strengths = the playing

From 9.40, The Ragazzi. They describe themselves as indie punk. I wouldn’t argue with that, but I think there’s a fair chunk of ska in there too. Risky lyrics at times too, nothing major but possibly stuff that would make the radio a bit worried. Nice retro vibe, as hinted at by the font they use for the band name. Strengths = No one else around here comes to mind on hearing them so they’re a bit unique, and they’re also rather good.

From 10.20, Silence to Medicate. They’re a three piece rock band from just along the road from my house but…..I haven’t heard them yet. Luckily, Soundcloud exists. So yeah, they are that. Quite anthemic with it too though they do bring something new and don’t sound entirely like “just another rock band”. Strengths = what they may lack in experience gig wise, and that’s an assumption of mine, they make up for it with enthusiasm and sound well practiced.

From 11, 76 Knots. Who I won’t see as my bus is at 5 past so I’ll have left. I have a compadre for this batch of events though, at least for 3 of them, which means there might be a wee blurb and pretty pictures. I haven’t seen these guys before either, so I just have the videos on the Facebook page to go by. They…kind of fail and then don’t bother defining themselves really BUT I’d say they are pretty punky musically, they play fast and they play loud. And vocally they’re more on the rock side as you can make out what they’re singing and it’s actual singing (dat ain’t punk, well it is I guess but the band ISN’T pure punk). Strengths = They’re rather good they are and the crowd is very much with them in the videos, which is a bonus because….

Scoring is decided by the latest in clap-o-meter technology. The louder the response you get, the more likely you are to win. Winners from each of the heats will go on to the final and win the prize wot I mentioned at the beginning. It’s free for nothing and there’s a bar and music, nothing stopping you. See you there then, aye?

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