Music News 03/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening with local acts over the last couple of days.

Speaking of kids, I’ve been asked to let you know that the Greenhouse open mic nights have a few open guest star slots over the next few months that they’re looking to fill. It’s every second Thursday, in Dingwall, and is a lovely wee place to have a gig. You’ll get 40 minutes (I believe, maybe 30) instead of the standard 3 tunes and it’s always a very appreciative audience. I say kids because Matt is particularly looking for young up and comers to give it a shot. So if you are interested either contact Matt Sillars OR me and I’ll pass it on. And I’ll see you there as I go to every one I can and I THINK I’ll have most second Thursdays free for the next while. Which is nice.

Also nice, a couple of acts from this area have scooped up some SNMAs (Scottish New Music Awards). First off it’s Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers winning in the Jazz/Blues category and Estrella winning Loud/Metal recording of the year (jointly with Peepshow, who aren’t local so stuff em. Only kidding). Estrella’s Come Out To Play was also runner up for Record of the Year! Well done to both acts, lets hope it’s the start of a tidal wave for next year when the Highlands will sweep the SNMAs and leave the rest of the country weeping at our awesomeness, MWUHAHAHAHAHA!

The LED have released a new remix of Eva Simons Renegade. I’m not familiar with the original tune AND it’s not my kind of thing, BUT it’s no bad like and if it IS your kind of thing you’ll no doubt enjoy it.

Desecrator is looking for a support act for his gig in the Market Bar on the 12th. If you are a Death Metal band, or just a Metal band he’s not fussy, then head over to the page and let him know your up for it.

Cleavers time! 7 minutes of hard core punk for your face and ears from Rodstock. They rock it so hard that the stage bounces a fair bit, and insult the crowd. Punks eh? It’s a bit feedbacky as well. “Fuck your life” is a bit of a band motto btw, so feel free to shout it at them at gigs as they’ll no doubt…well they’ll say it back because they’re punks.

While we’re on videos the boys at Nut Productions have a couple of new ones out today. Two singer/songwriter ladies to be precise. First one is new to me. Her name is Joanne Summer, she’s from Moray somewhere and this is I Can’t Make You Love Me. Keeping on turning out stuff like that would be a start. Second one isn’t new to me, but I haven’t seen her perform in ages so the song is. Here’s Megan Blyth, who you can see on the acoustic bar stage at Jocktoberfest, with Bring Me Down. You need to get that second EP out!

If you read the Battle of the Bands preview piece REALLY QUICKLY then you’ll think Naked Red is playing. That’s what the posted says. They aren’t as they’ve had to step out due to drummer injury. Get better soon Jamie! Stepping in to fill the slot, oh err, is Silence to Medicate so we won’t all have to sit like idiots for a half hour. Yay!

And that as they say is that. Things will get a bit tricky over the next few days. On Wednesday I’m off to the Battle of the Bands. Thursday I’m off to the STV Appeal. Friday and Saturday I’ll be at Jocktoberfest. Sunday I’ll have possibly died (got day job work in there too). If there’s stuff there’ll be a post tomorrow, when the next one is I can’t say for sure BUT I will do my best to have not missed anything. Local acts feel free to have the week off 😉 Thanks for reading, give us a like on Facebook

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