Music News 04/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening over the last day with local acts (and one thing I forgot to hunt out yesterday).

First up, I seem to be stumbling across even more new acts in the area lately. I think there might be 3 in the room with me right now at the rate things are going. Anyway, they’re called The Elephant Sessions, they have Greg Barry in them, and they’re by the sounds of it a….I may be making this genre up….rock ceilidh band. I heard the term ceilidh fusion earlier but that can fuck right off and I’m not sure it applies. The video is teeny, sounds not the best, but they’re a good example of the genre. That I may have invented. Here they are at Sonafest 2012

Not entirely music news BUT I like the place even if I’ve only been the once so I’m throwing it out there. If you are looking for a bit of now and again bar work Karma Lounge need staff for some busy nights they’ve got coming up. Previous experience in a busy bar is essential, as is being good craic. Fast and good craic or gtf. Email if you are interested.

There’s an interview with Rachel Sermanni over at Female First which is apparently a lady mag. Think there are some transcription errors in there… It’s about the background and production of her album. For those interested that early recording she refers to is called The Bothy Sessions and is available on the iTunes. And it’s very good. So will the album be probably. It’s out on the 15th of October and you can get it here . And other places, but you get a bit of exclusive artwork there.

Spin Magazine have announced their 5 best New Artists for September and local, before they moved, boys PAWS are in there! Well done. Django Django though? Excellent but….not new by any means.

Enough reading (of other peoples words, read more of mine). Here’s the excellent Hamish Roberts (no link as I don’t think he has a musician page) playing The Fools Lament. He’s a crazy good guitarist he is.

Netsounds Unsigned have their latest episode out. Unsurprisingly it’s Jocktoberfest themed, so you can whet your appetite for the coming weekends shenanigans. Listen here

Btw, if you didn’t catch the post on the Fried Gold Facebook page KOBI have sadly had to pull out of the STV gig on Thursday due to illness (get better…whoever is ill), but have been replaced by Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned. So still half a KOBI and all a good act. Good night really.

And lastly, here’s a couple of wee clips of Iain McLaughlin and the Outsiders from their Quo support gig. First up a cover of Suspicious Minds and then a not cover of The Light. The videos were taken by Duncan at Front Room Unplugged.

And we’re done for a few days. Things will be quiet around her for the next couple I’d expect for reasons I mentioned yesterday. See you on the other side if I survive. Sooooo sleeeepyyyy.

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