Battle of the Bands Heat 1 review

First off sorry this is a bit late. Between work, getting home late from this and the STV appeal I just haven’t had any time to write the article. Here now though so that’s good! No STV appeal review but it was a great night even though attendance was lower than I hoped it would be.

The same can’t be said for the first round of the Battle of the Bands in The Eagle though, the place was hoaching! Busy when I arrived, very busy half way through The Regazzi. It’s a newish venue, new for me, so I should probably talk about it first. There are some comfy booth style seats, the lay out is good for bands and the beer is very reasonably priced. I think they may have suffered a bit from surprise busy as poor….Julie’s brother sorry didn’t get your name as it was loud (it’s James, hi James *waves*)…was a bit rushed off his feet at times. Might be an idea to put on an extra bar person for the next one. Nothing major though. And I’ve seen some pictures of where music will ACTUALLY be happening at some point in the nearish future. It’ll be a great space once it’s done, probably safe to think Mad Hatters and at the moment a slightly bigger Market Bar (way bigger in the lav department). Enough of this though, on with the bands.

ACTUALLY first of you’ll notice this blog looks less arse than normal. That’s down to having pictures by an actual photographer! My partner in crime for these pieces is Mr Ade Young of Adrian Young Photography. They originally lived here

So first band was Square One. Wait Dave, that’s not a three piece in the photo?! You are correct as….Square One split up on the day of the gig. BUT Douglas Scott is a right trooper and didn’t let that stop him so he did a solo gig. Which was very brave of him. First on for the whole competition, all by himself, and he’s only a young boy. So….Douglas One plays a fairly melodic guitar, much of it simple stuff but with some rather intricate finger work. And he uses a loop peddle to great effect. Nerves may have gotten the better of him now and again. A couple of times setting up the loops slowed things down considerably but he plugged on regardless. His voice and tunes are a bit quirky, and I think some of the stuff could use a bit of reworking if he’s going the solo route as they were originally for the band. So a bit rough but very enjoyable, the crowd enjoyed themselves and fair play for keeping calm and carrying on!

Next up it was The Regazzi. A three piece again but this time they actually were a three piece. Whether it was down to them or just coincidence the crowd really picked up numbers wise during the set. I know for sure the enthusiasm level WAS down to them though. A loud funky band with a sound that’s a mix of ska style licks and indie style vocals they had everyone taping and bopping along. Myself included. They won’t be playing any kids parties any time soon, the work fuck was used a number of times *shocked look*, but if they popped up on an indie romance soundtrack (love being a theme in the lyrics) it would be no shock. They’re well polished and if they play things right they could go quite far. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear them on 6 music in coming years, and thanks Barry’s girlfriend (sorry, crap with names) for helping my brain to click that it was The Kooks I thought they sounded like. They are definitely one to catch if you have the chance, and soon. In fact I know of at least one chance but I’ll get to that in a paragraph or two.

Third, and technically last this evening, were Silence To Medicate. Now before I get to the sound I have to say guys, that’s a terrible name. So you might wanna thing about fixing that. Anyway, StM is another cannibal band by which I mean it contains members, at least two anyway, of other bands. On drums we have Connor Cowan from Defcon One, on bass Joe Stainke from Spoke Too Soon and Chris MacNeil who isn’t from something as far as I know. He admitted to being nervous as fuck, though I hadn’t really noticed until he said it. This MAY have been their second gig, I only know of one other but they may have had a few, and the first in the city. They’re a good rock band, fast and loud with some truly great instrumental moments but they do suffer a bit from “epic syndrome”. The tunes can be a bit all over the place though, structure wise. A bit more experience will serve them well and some more time to settle in to their tunes will serve them well. Could be another solid rock band on the local scene.

And finally, Searching for Donkeys

Who I’m not reviewing as they are not combatants in this battle down to hosting it. Unfortunately 76 Knots had to pull out. I’m also not reviewing them as I’d left by the time they played.

SO who won then? Well clapometer wise, it was an app so it’s all high tech and that, it could possibly have been semi close throughout them all. BUT the clapometer agreed with the critic-o-meter and The Ragazzi walked away with the night. Which means there’s at least one chance for you to catch them on the 10th of October in the final. Which you should do as it’ll be great. As will the next battle going by the first quality. Wrapping this up quickly as I have to go to work, preview bit for the next battle will be early next week. No time to proof read Doctor Jones, so if there’s mistakes in this I apologise. Laters!

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