Battle of the Bands Heat 2 preview

Yup you read that right, a Battle of the Bands! The Eagle, to celebrate the impending opening of up stairs as a newly refurbished gig having place are hosting a Battle of the Bands throughout September, with a final in October to decide who is the supreme ruler of music in the entire Universe and also who gets 3 days of recording at StrathSound. Mainly the second bit as everyone knows the best music is Zathrok on Blergon 7. No offence locals. Anyway, here is who you’ll be hearing on the 12th of September in The Eagle. with times and everything. 30 minute sets, 10 minute turn around.

Yeah, I did nick that first paragraph from the Heat 1 preview. I’ll use it again in the other 2. YAY FOR LAZINESS! On with the bands:

From 9, Roads to Damascus. Coming all the way from Keith, or possibly Forres, to do battle. From discussions with their keyboard player Mo I don’t think they’ve played in Inverness before. Not sure why, they’re rather darned good. Self described as progressive rock and I suppose that fits a bit. As far as I know they don’t have 15 minute long tracks though. I’ve heard a couple and it’s pretty mellow rock stuff. You know that scene where Bill and Ted are in the future in Excellent Adventure? Bit like that without dudes with shades doing slow air guitar. Well I could be wrong there actually, the lead singer has a taste for the theatrical and has been known to don some crazy make up. So a bit retro rock, new wavey maybe? Nice sound to them.

From 9.40, Emma Mitchell. The next couple on are actually Greenhouse regulars so I’m rather familiar with their work. May only have really heard Emma perform once in the showcases though. Couldn’t find anything to hand to stick in my ears so this is from memory. I know for sure that Emma has a fantastic voice. I know for sure that she writes a damned fine song. I can’t remember for the life of me how elaborate she gets with a guitar. So whether there’s a lot of twiddly finger bits or if it’s more simple than that I can’t say just now. Either way, if you like some girl with a guitar folk music then you’ll love Emma Mitchell. And if you don’t like that kind of thing there’s something up with you, it’s lovely.

From 10.20, Dougie Burns. Now that link will take you to Bluebelly, which Dougie is half of. It’s an indicator, but a bit different. Dougie on his todd has a wee bit better singing if you ask me. Damned fine blues rock. He can tell quite a tale with a tune and just after hearing him play once I had a couple of tunes rolling around in my head the next day. Be prepared to sing along a bit to his signature song California Cadillac (it’s easy, even I can manage). And if he has Steve Smith with him to there’ll be some truly impressive mouthie to boot.

And finally from 11, All Hat No Cat who I managed to catch a piece of at Jocktoberfest. Having trouble with band pages tonight but lucky my brain wasn’t too beer addled by that point. So they are Adrian on guitar and Lucy on the flute and they play proper old school folk music. Songs that tell a bit of a story and you can tap a toe along to. Including another one that might have people singing along, To The Yeast which is an ode to the Black Isle Brewery.

Basically it’s going to be a bloody battle this one, 4 damned fine acts who are good at what they do. And now to steal my last paragraph from last time. I’m getting meta this time in case someone calls me on it but next time I’m just doing it without saying a word. I’m a lazy lazy man.

Scoring is decided by the latest in clap-o-meter technology. The louder the response you get, the more likely you are to win. Winners from each of the heats will go on to the final and win the prize wot I mentioned at the beginning. It’s free for nothing and there’s a bar and music, nothing stopping you. See you there then, aye?

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