Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned Save Me single review

At least that’s what I assume it is. If you’ve been at a gig lately you may have been lucky enough to catch one of these CDs, or almost as lucky to pick one up for a couple of quid outside.

But before I get to what is on the CD I should probably talk about WHO is on the CD. There’s been no shortage of Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned coverage on here. In fact in the last 7 days I’ve seen them live twice, stretch that to the life of the site and it’s 3 times. But if you have just stumbled on to the site I’ll give you the line up. Front man, and holder of best beard in the Highland’s now that Kris from the Whiskys has shaved, Toby Michael’s sings, plays the acoustic guitar and I believe writes their stuff. Also on guitar and additional vocals is Gary “Dreamboat” Thain, aka the front man of KOBI. Also from KOBI there’s Steve “I forgot what nickname they gave him” Robertson slappin da bass. Calum Martin beats the drums a good un, and Johnny Gash plays guitar. And makes whooping noises.

So that’s the band, here’s the CD.

As you may have guess from the article title track one is Save Me. Things start off quite sedately on this one, light guitar and soft vocals. I’ve seen them start with this and it works as an opening track very well as things slowly build to be more rocky. Then full on rocky. It’s a ballad basically, or on that side of things. Strong drums throughout and pleading vocals asking for assistance. I think the theme could be interpreted a few ways, but to me it’s about lost souls and a bit about being depressed (but isn’t depressing). They have more musically extravagant tunes, Gash doesn’t really get to go insane on the guitar (he’s a fantastic rock guitarist) but all told it’s still rather impressive and should give a new listener an idea of whether they would like it or not. Swaying head nod type dancing at a gig rather than jump about like an idiot which you get with some other tunes.

Track two is a bit different to what you’ll normally see in a live gig, although Toby does normally have a solo track. It’s not normally “A Little Bit of What You Fancy (Does You Good)” though. Whether that’s how it should actually be written I don’t know, but with the classic 80’s rock of these guys its how I picture it in my head on the MTV caption. So for those familiar with them this is an accoustic version with Toby wailing away. Normally, and in this case really, it’s a fun sing along type rock track. The style and Toby’s singing are quite reminiscent of the mighty Meatloaf. Hearing it acoustic really draws out the blues side of proper 80’s rock. It’s a song that’s about having some bloody good fun and has one of those endings that could go on and on and on if it wanted. I know from experience at a few gigs that fans chant along, myself included. And it gets stuck in your head for DAYS.

If you get along to a gig you could do much worse than chuck a few Queen’s heads their way. That said…….do a bloody album or something would you guys? Or at least an EP. 2 tracks just isn’t enough (leave them wanting more I suppose) and I know you have enough for a 4 or 5 track EP no bother. Your public demands it!

If you want a taste and you are reading this before the 12th of September you can catch Toby on his own (as featured on track 2 of this, and he did Bat out of Hell that way at Jocktoberfest. Damned fine) supporting the mighty one man metal extravaganza Desecrator, along with the extremely talented Hamish Roberts, in The Market Bar from 10pm.

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