Loopallu 2012 final preview!

The head, the tail, the whole damned thing.

Didn’t see that chippy offer until I was adding the pic. ACE!

Yes Loopallu have announced the fringe line up and with that in the bag the whole weekend is revealed. At least I think it is. Last big post I’ll be doing on it anyway. If you don’t have a ticket you can’t get one through official channels now but can probably scoop one up elsewhere. No touts, they’re knobs. Anyway here is Loopallu in chronological order. First preview here, second one here. If a band isn’t described I already did it in one of those.


I’ll be at home chucking things in to bags and that. But if you are in Ullapool head on over to The Arch Inn for Loopallu is GO! with Davy & The Hosebeast. That’s some acoustic punk, new wave and ska cover action with Davy Cowan and his band. Should be a cracking night. If I had any money I’d come down early!


I don’t though, so I’m coming down on the Friday (when I suddenly will have money, pay day yay!). Hopefully Mother Macgyver, who isn’t a Macgyver at all, won’t leave coming down too late as I very much want to see the second band on. SO the line up on Friday is:

The Ullapool Pipe Band – What it says on the tin no doubt.
Brown Bear and the Bandits
Blindfolds – knew there was at least one addition to the main line up. Some fantastic blues rock, I want to say Delta blues style but that might not be a thing. Hopefully it does mean something as I’ll be reviewing a blues compilation soon!
Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward and Fisher
The Fratellis

Should be a good day. And a good night. Unlike other festivals Loopallu doesn’t stop at the end of the festival day as that’s when the fringe starts. 6 of Ullapool’s finest pubs will be putting on some music. Free with an arm band and if I recall correctly you may have to pay without one, or wait until arm bands have gotten in….not sure. Anyway this is what you can hear:

The Arch Inn – The Lorelei, who appear to be a more or less acoustic folk rock band with traditional influences on their sound. The video I watched might have had an electric mandolin in it?! Check it out yourself
The Argyll Hotel – Transgender Ska, no idea unfortunately.
The Seaforth – Ally Macrae DJ, him off Radio 1 playing some music.
Caley Bar – Iain McLaughlin and the Outsiders (acoustic), the brackets mean it may just be Iain but could well be all or some of the Outsiders along. Be good either way
The Ceilidh Place – Kassidy and friends, think you can work that out yourself
Ferry Boat Inn – The Elephant Sessions, their drummer is a great guitarist. Neo-traditional, which is apparently the proper term for what I call ceilidh rock music. Bring your dancing legs.

I might be pub crawling….


Here’s the tricky bit, not being too rough on the second day of a festival after sleeping in a tent. Good luck everyone, here’s the hangover cure line up:

Naked Strangers
Miniature Dinosaurs (these two may be the other way around)
Lilygreen & McGuire
Public Service Broadcasting
The Staves
The Dangleberries
Rachel Sermanni
Jake Bugg
Scouting For Girls

Phew. And if you have any energy left after all that, it’s time to hit the pubs:

The Arch Inn – Rhythmnreel, this’ll make my mum happy as she loves them. Neo-trad as well no doubt. Rock band with a lady on the pipes, jump about like a mental to this lot.
The Argyll Hotel – The Rogues, traditional celtic music but with lots of energy. Get your ceilidh on!
The Seaforth – Vic Galloway DJ, him off Radio Scotland
Caley Bar – Grousebeater Sound System, another take on neo-trad. Electronic music, with fiddles and guitars and the like playing traditional stuff. Start your brain in a Cotton Eyed Joe kind of place and move from there.
The Ceilidh Place – The Lorelei, who appear to be a more or less acoustic folk rock band with traditional influences on their sound. The video I watched might have had an electric mandolin in it?! Check it out yourself
Ferry Boat Inn – Rachel and the Ladies, that’ll be Miss Sermanni and her fiddlers probably. Violinists. Dirty minded lot you are.


Death. Well maybe not, home time for me though. Then a shower. Doctor Who at some point hopefully, typing a hell of a lot probably for all y’all. If you aren’t ready to pry yourself away from lovely Ullapool, or if it’s where you have that…building….thingy, where your beds and TV are then there’s one last bit to go:

The Arch Inn – Loopallu Warp Party with John the DJ

That’s a whole heap of bang for your buck right there and a hell of a weekend of fun. Say hi if you see me and have the slightest clue what I look like. Or just keep asking randoms if they’re that blog guy. I’ll be wearing a checked shirt and a band t-shirt probably so that shouldn’t narrow it down much…. See you in less than a week!

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