Battle of the Bands Heat 3 preview

Yup you read that right, a Battle of the Bands! The Eagle, to celebrate the impending opening of up stairs as a newly refurbished gig having place are hosting a Battle of the Bands throughout September, with a final in October to decide who is the supreme ruler of music in the entire Universe and also who gets 3 days of recording at StrathSound. Mainly the second bit as everyone knows the best music is Zathrok on Blergon 7. No offence locals. Anyway, here is who you’ll be hearing on the 19th of September in The Eagle. with times and everything. 30 minute sets, 10 minute turn around.

From 9, Josephine Sillars. Most singer/songwriter one person acts are a singer and a guitar. That, but with a keyboard instead. Because Josephine can’t play guitar but she can play the piano and figured “why can’t I do the same kind of thing?”. No reason. So, powerful voice, pretty simple piano arrangements in the style of chords like a guitar would be. And she’s one of my people, a geek. So if you like things like Doctor Who and Sherlock some of her songs have a second meaning, “I don’t want to go” for example, but if you aren’t they work along the normal themes too. Hopefully she’ll have the ironing board along as it’s part of the act as far as I’m concerned.

From 9.40, Scott MacBain. I honestly have no idea (and I don’t think he has an artist page). I did a wee Facestalk and he has a picture of him with the edge of a guitar so I’ll go out on a limb and say he’s a guy who plays the guitar. And sings. I’ll find out on the night along with the rest of you!

From 10.20, Lionel. Another one I’m a bit vague on. I can tell you that they are a three piece alternative rock band. I can guess from the bands they list as liking that they might be a bit 90’s sounding (some are a lot older than that but if I mash it all together that’s the sound I’D make). And I can tell you they haven’t been around all that long. Outside of that it’ll be another surprise!

From 11, 76 Knots. Couldn’t be in an earlier heat due to a bought of man-flu, wish I’d kept what I had written as I’m a lazy man. Luckily they have some videos so I can hear them, wasn’t able to make it to the Netsounds Takeover that they played. Hey look, it’s him from Team Kapowski on the bass! They’re a 3 piece rock band, pretty heavy rocking with a distinct punk vibe. Legible punk as you can make out the words. Skater Punk. I could name bands but you know plenty right? Okay….Blink, earlier Green Day, the Offspring, that genre. Should keep the crowd awake and jumping, it could get a bit rowdy!

So 3 new acts from my perspective, 2 I have no clue about whatsoever. That’s the whole point of this though really. Yes there’s a prize eventually but no one is all that fussed about that, they’re here to play. And it’s a chance for you to see some new acts that you haven’t heard before. If Battle of the Bands is a term you aren’t a fan of think of it as a showcase instead. A lot of the time the loudest cheerers for acts is the OTHER acts anyway. It’s all a bit warm and fuzzy. That said…..

Scoring is decided by the latest in clap-o-meter technology. The louder the response you get, the more likely you are to win. Winners from each of the heats will go on to the final and win the prize wot I mentioned at the beginning. It’s free for nothing and there’s a bar and music, nothing stopping you. See you there then, aye?

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