Music News 16/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening with local acts over the last day.

You get some pretty amazing buskers sometimes. Not sure what city this is, wanna guess Glasgow but I couldn’t be WAY off. The fact that she’s at the Ramsbottom Festival today would suggest I am. Anyway this lassie on the violin is no bad. If she could sing or that she might be able to get an album or something. I am of course yanking your chain, that’s Rachel Sermanni. Today is Carnival Album Day apparently which is….I have no idea. Just her celebrating tomorrow’s album launch I’d think. Here’s another video, inside this time I think though it might not be, of a song called In The Hollow. Funky bluesy number, aided by Jez Hellard on the harp.

Houdi has been firing up more videos from Jocktoberfest. I’m very glad to say that the first one is Esperi, and I’m less glad to say you can hear me blabbing at the start (“get this man a sofa, he’s earned it” at 9.30 “bloody hell. Why’s this guy not number 1?”). Actually heard myself a few times. WAS paying attention Chris, honest. We were talking a bit as we were marvelling. You can catch a WEE bit of the level of awesome looping that he does towards the end of the video. Also not 1 but 6 videos from the Mystic Shoes set. Here’s the end of Viva Las Vegas and all of Stray Cat Strut I think, Man in Black, not sure on the name, Ace of Spades, not sure (could guess but won’t) and finally Tears of a Clown. Very funky set as you can see/hear. Thanks for filming this stuff so people can see what they missed and get a ticket next year.

Roads to Damascus have an Indiegogo campaign to get some funding together so they can make their third album. Head over here and chuck a few dollars their way. Dollars because indiegogo don’t know other countries exist. Anyway the easiest thing to do is just pre-order the album. That’s what I’ve always done, and will once I HAVE money. It’s generally the cheapest (certainly in this case) or one of the cheapest things to get from these campaigns and all you are doing is buying an album, which you would do anyway if you’re supporting a band.

And finally, breaking with my own rules a bit because I hadn’t seen this before, a goNorth/Netsounds Rockhopper session. This is Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned performing Love Money. Jonny Gash showing off his Milton accent at the start there. That’s how we all talk in this village, we put on the Scottish accents when we leave.

And that’s it, wee bit more than I expected down to the videos! Have fun, weekends near done. Like the Facebook page which is nearing the 100 mark! Mental. Thanks for reading

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