Battle of the Bands Heat 4 preview

Yup you read that right, a Battle of the Bands! The Eagle, to celebrate the impending opening of up stairs as a newly refurbished gig having place are hosting a Battle of the Bands throughout September, with a final in October to decide who is the supreme ruler of music in the entire Universe and also who gets 3 days of recording at StrathSound. Mainly the second bit as everyone knows the best music is Zathrok on Blergon 7. No offence locals. Anyway, here is who you’ll be hearing on the 26th of September in The Eagle. with times and everything. 30 minute sets, 10 minute turn around.

From 9, Deadbeat Poets. Not the slightest inkling of a clue at all. No idea. Bub-kiss. Will find out on the night!

From 9.40, Ailsa Jean Lyall Mathews. Dominating the poster with the longest name of the night. A girl with a piano, possibly with Greg Barry backing up on guitar, possibly not. Pretty simple piano stuff, along the line of chords on a guitar. Her voice is the highlight of the act though, very powerful stuff. My lazy comparison is Birdy for her. Relatively new, not had loads of gigs, but sounds great. Luckily, as I’ll probably ALSO be hearing her the night after in The Greenhouse!

From 10.20, Great White Elephant. All the way up from Fort Bill. They’re a rock band but I’ve only really heard acoustic demos. I believe they’re pretty new too, the BotB has been great for highlighting some up and comers. Anyway they sound good acoustically so looking forward to hearing the plugged version. I’d say they’re mellow but that could well not be the case.

And from 11, Thousand Stars. New-ish but I’ve seen them a couple of times now. Rock band, US influences, bit of a mid to late 90’s sound about them, girl on vocals which is a bit of a stand out from most rock bands in these here parts. First time I heard them, and it still stands now, I said they would fit quite well on a college age drama soundtrack. That should give you an idea of the sound, but so should the tracks on that profile I linked there.

2 new to me, 2 I’ve heard before. That’ll do me nicely. And you nicely too. It’s all a nice thing, bit of craic and that. That said though….

Scoring is decided by the latest in clap-o-meter technology. The louder the response you get, the more likely you are to win. Winners from each of the heats will go on to the final and win the prize wot I mentioned at the beginning. It’s free for nothing and there’s a bar and music, nothing stopping you. See you there then, aye?

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