Music News 20/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening for the last couple of days. Not sure how much it is but I want to be caught up before I head off for Loopallu.

Someone else who’ll be there is this wee lassie from Carrbridge that plays the guitar and sings and that. Her name is Rachel Sermanni, she’s a bit new so you might not have heard of her. Should really have mentioned her in a news post before now. Anyway at the following link there are some words in French and then a couple of videos. One of Sea Oh Sea and one of Waltz which are both on her new album. Looks like a quirky wee place she was playing in. Hope that scooter from the Waltz video crashed… There is also going to be a series of mini videos to intro the various tracks on Under Mountains. Clash Music will be hosting the first 5 I believe. The first on is a snippet of Sea Oh Sea (aka The Pirate Song) and features footage shot by uber fiddler Louise Bichan. The second is for Ever Since The Chocolate. It’s a trippy wee short film, featuring Rachel unmaking some brownies and a twisty ending. Nice work Tommy N Lance.

Ailsa Jean Lyall-Mathews is looking for a guitarist or pianist or both to back her up as her current guitarist is shifting away to far off places. If you think you might fit the bill give her a shout on that page there.

Another video of PAWS up next. The third of the Indie Indie #4 vidoes, this is Poor Old Christopher Robin. Warning, contains flashing lights. And rock music!

The Cleavers don’t just play the punk music, they live the punk lifestyle as can be seen in this little video of them cruising Burghead. Warning, contains the word fuck a lot. And Glen Campbell!

I’ll be seeing Naked Strangers for the first time this weekend at Loopallu. They can probably walk to the gig as they’re from Ullapool. If you are also going here’s a wee taster track, Three Tears. If you aren’t also going you can still listen to it as it’s rather good.

And that as they say is that. As I’ve just said I’ll be at Loopallu so unless I can get a review or two done this evening this is possibly it for the next few days. Maybe a Fried Gold post tomorrow depending on when I get up. Definitely a follow friday for twitter one as it’s ready to publish. The Facebook page has passed 100 likes, AWESOME, so come join the fun if you haven’t already. Thanks for reading and have a damned good weekend whatever it is that you are doing.

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