Music News 27/09/2012

Hey ki…..know what, screw that. This could be huge so right to it. Wee scroll bar on my Facebook list is teeny…

Siiga has an ongoing thing where people take pictures of a Siiga sticker all over the joint, and they have been to some pretty remarkable places. SO he’s set up a tumblr page where they can appear. Want to join in? I have no idea how, contact Siiga for some stickers I’d guess.

Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned have started to get their merch on. If you go here you can pre-order a t-shirt with a zombie dude on a motorbike. There’s only 99 so hurry up! “99? But it says 100…” Yeah, but I want one so it’s 99. Don’t hurry too much either as I haven’t got any money until Friday. You can hurry on Saturday. There’s also a comic in the works! Think they’re the closest the Highlands has to Tenacious D. Only a matter of time before you can get a Jonny Gash figure.

Here’s a video from a young local musician I haven’t really heard much of yet. Her name is Bethany Wappler, she plays piano/guitar and sings, and this is an original piece called Unresolved Love. No singing, it’s an instrumental piano piece. And it’s bloody good!

Thousand Stars EP is almost finished. Better be, you have 3 and a half weeks before my radio show starts and I need stuff to play on it. It features the kind of stuff you’d expect if you’ve heard them before plus “shows we can flip the “Thousand Stars” sound and turn it on its head”. Intriguing…country and western yoddling number played on the flute then.

Barry Mackay and Ryan Golder may well have played their last gig as a duo. Bit shocking that. Oh wait, don’t panic! They’re getting a band together! So it’ll be the same kind of sound I’d think, but richer for having other things thrown in. I believe I’ve seen them play with some supporting instruments and it really works so it could be pretty damned good. That said if you get the chance to catch them “solo” ahead of the new line up then go for it.

Those mini videos for Rachel Sermanni‘s album tracks have continued to come out in my absence. I’m working my way through time here so this paragraph may have them all by the time I’m done. Little Prayer has some antics in a train station. Here is the clip for opening track Breathe Easy, it’s all stormy waves and vanishing letters. This clip is for my favourite track, The Fog (favourite video is still the Ever Since The Chocolate one though). Here is the video for Black Current, and it’s a trippy one. And if THOSE clips weren’t enough here’s a wee bit of Marshmallow Unicorn shot at The Bike Shop, wherever that is. And she also played Ever Since The Chocolate in the dark and scary darkness for RTTV sessions. Fits quite well really.

There’s an interview with Thurso rawk gawds Estrella over at Inverness Gigs. If you wanted to see them live then….you missed it. There’s a gig list up ^there you know, called The List, it’s semi decent.

Monster FM will shortly draw to a close. But some of it will live on for eternity, or at least a few years, thanks to the magic of the internets. Here’s the DJ set by local duo Them and Us. You know, there’s another Radio station that has a longer season (forever possibly, 2 years looks likely anyway) that could well be happy to have some DJs of your kind on board guys. They’ve also done a remix of Next of Kin by the excellent Miniature Dinosaurs because that’s what they do. Prefer the original myself but this has some damned fine moments.

In other electronic music news, Count Clockwork have stuck up a preview of Ozlide. I’m assuming that’s a track. They call them tracks in dance land right? I’m down with the kids I am.

Back to instruments being played loudly while someone screams. You know what that means right? Yup, Cleavers. This is the WHOLE DAMNED SET (maybe. 12 mins anyway) from Crowbar in Groningen, and it’s loud and good so it is.

Two bits and bobs from Netsounds Unsigned. First off it’s another introducing piece, this time about Aberdeen singer/songwriter Cara Mitchell. I’ll second the fact that you have to go to here show as Esperi is an amazing thing to see live. I’ll be there at Hoots unless something goes very wrong. And secondly they have a new podcast episode out. My friend, the lovely Anna Sweeney is in this one, as are locals Sienna Lights.

There’s a new track up from Naked Strangers, called Idiot Beat. Bit weird, almost disconcerting, but rather good along with it so that’s okay then. Wouldn’t listen in the dark.

What have James Mackenzie and Batman got in common? They’ve both been filmed at Inverness Airport! And that’s it. As far as I know…. Anyway, here is the video for Something I’m Not Telling You. Very good stuff.

Another new video, along with a warning. Don’t emulate rock groups. Not only do He Slept on 57 smash things, burn things and pollute the ocean in the video for Katy, Bar The Door but they also PLAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!! Didn’t the Green Cross Code Man teach you boys anything?! Makes for a cracking video though.

And finally, two bits of Belladrum news. First off, the official highlight video is out. Looks like it was great craic, unfortunately I wasn’t there this year (or ever, never been to Bella, shock horror). And second, tickets for next year’s festival are now on sale. Check the official site for the various options and hopefully I’ll see you there.

WHEW, all caught up again. Bit calmer for the next week or two so should be able to keep up. Give us a like on Facebook and thanks very much for reading 🙂

1 thought on “Music News 27/09/2012

  1. Just received my Esperi tee and ordered my Toby Michaels tee!! So now it’s 98!!! All following on from our fab time at Jocktoberfest! The next thing will be ordering Belladrum tickets so may see you there!! Keep on bloggin’! Loving your posts. Feel like I am at the gigs I can’t get to!!

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