A Slice Of Fried Gold On The Radio

OKay, so I’ve mentioned it a couple of times but figured I should probably do a proper post to fully explain my plans and that.

Hey man! Look at me rocking out, I’m on the radiooooooooooo! From the 22nd of October anyway. The radio station will be housed here and you should go an like the Facebook page for it. So what will I be doing?

Well launch week will be slightly different to a normal week. I have a show on a Monday and Tuesday nights and for that week it will be the regular A Slice Of Fried Gold radio show both days. 2 hours, all unsigned or indie label music, half of it from the Highlands (the bands I regularly cover here) and half not. The reason it isn’t even MORE from around here is that I have a minimum of 13, hopefully at least 52, and if all goes well infinity, 2 hours shows to fill. That’s 26 hours of music, minus some ads, news and blabbing. I’d run out. Or have to play the same people over and over. I don’t want to play the same artist two shows in a row, after a week gap you’re back in the running, so I figure half Highland will do the job. I’m working my way through a pretty extensive list at the moment but if you don’t hear from me in the next week and don’t think I have any of your stuff then give me a shout.

That’s the Tuesday show, 7 until 9, and in the opening week it’ll be on Monday too as I can’t do a normal Monday show.

The Monday show will be called Refried Gold. After each A Slice of Fried Gold I’ll start a Facebook poll with all of the music I played that night (there’ll be play list posts on here for both shows too with links to the bands). Listeners can then vote for the tunes they liked the best. The top half will then be replayed the following Monday, taking up half the show, and the other half will be songs from before Y2K by request. So one show all picked by me, the other show all picked by you. Can’t say fairer than that!

Future plans? Well, hopefully some interviews and sessions. I also have an idea for a feature called “The Head, The Tail, The Whole Darned Thing” where an artist will come in, we’ll play their whole EP/LP and talk about the tracks before hand. None of that will be for a while though. Everything kicks off in 3 weeks, I hope you’ll be tuning in 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Slice Of Fried Gold On The Radio

    • Nope! That’s part of the reason the other show is recycled material, takes up less time! If anything I’m hoping it’ll boost the blog in many ways. Half the stuff I planned already and the interviews could well be filmed at some point. This is the sort of official site for the radio show, hence the name 🙂

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