Music News 02/10/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening around and about and that.

A couple of interviews over at Inverness Gigs. First off, there’s a wee chat with Toecutter who have a line up change in the form of new front-man Dean Kernaghan, who I keep thinking is related to someone I know when he actually isn’t. There’s also this one with Skeleton Verse about their new album and stuff.

Abagail Grey is hard at work on a new EP, Snowflake Remember, but because she’s nice she’s released a track for all to hear early. It’s called Starling and it’s a haunting little number. Consider my appetite whet.

The Justice Never Sleeps blog has a post with a remix by Inverness….mixers? DJ? Have no idea how many are involved… Fighting Lightning. It’s a remix of Kimbra ft Mark Foster & A-Trak – Warrior. NO clue what the original sounds like. Again. I apparently know nothing about music, probably because I’m too busy listening to other music. I haven’t even seen Gungnam Style yet! I’ll be doing that once I’m done this. ANYWAY, I rather enjoyed this. I like the bass through line on it. Funky stuff, well done you/youse!

Defcon One chucked a wee post out for anyone who was a bit worried that something terrible had happened. They’re on a bit of a break at the moment, outlook doubtful, so that the remaining 3 members (bassist Duncan “Sexypants” Robertson, the middle bit is what I call him, left after Belladrum) can do some life things like work and study. Will they be back? Who knows. Hope so and I’m glad I caught them live a couple of times.

Not sure if I’ve linked all of the full on video intros to the songs on Rachel Sermanni‘s Under Mountains, but there’s an alternative. Here’s a video on Dutch site White Room with the lady herself telling you what each song is about. I like that sort of thing as I’ve mentioned before. Quite proud of the fact that she struggles a bit to describe The Fog. The universe clearly knew that I needed a favourite song of your’s so made it materialise, Rachel. There’s also a wee video of her performing To a Fox solo girl with guitar style. Thanks for filming this Mike Watts. Not a capella though, she’s playing the guitar.

There’s still a space or two on the Highland Metal Monster Mash bill. That’s the Friday before Halloween over at the Karma Lounge. If you fit the bill give Desecrator or the Karma Lounge a shout. And hurry up so I can write a preview piece!

Roadway start work on their next album on the 15th. That’s it, not a huge newsy paragraph. BUT, NEW ROADWAY ALBUM COMING! That is all.

And last but that just means it was most recent, Naked Strangers have stuck up a cover of Memories by Leonard Cohen. Enjoyable, retro, damned good stuff.

Thanks very much for reading, go give the Facebook page a like, support your local scene, laters!

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