Music News 03/10/2012

Hey kids, not much today but sticking a post up anyway. Really, there’s only 3 little things and one is a repost kinda.

That repost being Rachel Sermanni‘s Under Mountains video previews. I mentioned yesterday that I THINK I’d gotten them all, and by looking at the Tumblr Blog posts I’m pretty sure I did. If you haven’t seen them all go have a look, especially Ever Since The Chocolate as I think that’s brilliant.

The new Netsounds Unsigned podcast is out….well kind of. It’s a mixcast this week, which is the podcast without the talking, as Jamie is on holiday. So just the music then. That’ll do eh?

And finally, told you it was short today, PAWS have been doing a little tour diary for The first part can be found here and very entertaining it is too.

And that’s it. Go like the Facebook page if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in…a couple of days probably. I have DJ training tomorrow night so probably won’t be able to do a news post regardless of how much there is. Under 3 weeks until the first show, exciting stuff! I’m off to source some more music for your ear holes.

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