Music News 05/10/2012

Hey kids, here’s the happy hap in the sceney locals.

The PAWS boys seem to have caught the writing bug a bit. This time they’re doing a bit of a me but for the Glasgow scene. This piece for CMJ contains some band recommendations, venue recommendations and a suggestion for an after gig pub. Nice work fellas, I now have some more bands to give a listen to.

It’s another quiet one by the way. No mention from the two most mentioned acts either!

In fact there’s only one more story as a couple of things I THOUGHT would be in here turn out not to be worth it really. Shortest news post ever! Estrella had a wee bit of a chat with Radio Orkney so click here to hear a wee bit about their origins with some of their music in the background.

And that’s it! Seriously. Calm before the storm for me. Thanks for reading, go tell your friends!

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