Galipaygos Win You Over LP review

First off, sorry this took so long guys. Had the album sitting there for 3 weeks now. Been a BUSY three weeks though and I like to give things a few listens before reviewing them.

Anyway, The Galipaygos. They’re a rather surprisingly diverse sounding band, I only say surprisingly down to their generally mellow sound. Bit blues, bit folk, bit country, bit indie, bit everything but metal really. And they’ve been around for DONKEYS for a band. I have the first two albums sitting a few feet away from me. The first, Trucker Chic, came out in 2005! So if you haven’t heard them before now I’ll be pretty amazed. Unless you aren’t from around the Inverness area of course.

Win You Over may seem like a bit of a strange title then. If they haven’t already it’s not likely they would now really is it? And it’s hard to believe anyone wouldn’t like them at least a bit as they’re so darned nice. Well, that’s the easiest description I can think of for the music anyway. It’s nice. And varied.

The album opens with a bit of a country vibe, I think half of the country sound to them is down to the fiddle. Or violin. Will get to that in a minute. Don’t Go features some male harmonising as well as a bit of an indie love song vibe to it. I’ve seen them live a few times now and lead, well most of the time, singer Andrew is pretty passionate. Really throws himself behind the singing and it comes across in the sound here. This one got stuck in my head REALLY quickly btw so it’s a strong way to open. Solid violin hook reflected and flourished on in a guitar solo. Second up, A Fiddle and A Violin, as I mentioned at the start of the paragraph they’re the same damned thing. Don’t know why, as listening closely it’s not a funny tune in the least, but the main chorus line made me chuckle.

Honest George is about….someone, no idea who, that’s obviously helped the band out a lot over the years. It has some fantastic mandolin work in it and brought to mind The Waterboys for me. With Honours Even the country vibe is completely dropped, pure and quite simple sounding rock. Middlin’ Ground sits in the south of the states but couldn’t really say that it’s gone back to country. Quite bluesy, falsetto singing, kind of like a jug band tune without the jug if you know what I mean. Certainly a toe tapper. Part of that variety I mentioned earlier. Never Away is a blues rock number with what I call a travelling blues beat. You know the kind of thing that fits with a trains rhythm? That. Which fits as the lyrics are about returning home. Nice solos and a wanderlusty vibe.

Same Voice is a light rock anti-love song. Sounds like a love song on the surface, if you listen closely it isn’t really. Rather sad really. Nothing on Sweet Relief though which see’s a return of the country vibe. It’s about someone dying a lengthy death, not sure if there’s a story behind that. Very well written song and I understand the feelings behind it. Melancholy music break in it too. Not a feel good song, but really well done. The Ocean doesn’t quite lift you out of the sad hole really but it’s a very nice tune. Folky stuff, harmonised singing and light guitar and bass backing. Accordian solo. Light, gentle, sounds great.

The One That Got Away brings back The Waterboys vibe for me a bit, think it’s just the mandolin as it’s not like I’m overly familiar with their music. Similar tone to The Ocean but with a couple of wry smile moments. It’s another one that stuck around with me after a couple of listens. Could certainly see me singing along a bit sometime after midnight in the Market Bar. Though if I’m there that late I’ve missed my bus! Who’s Counting is a light indie rock tune, the guitar and keyboard backing is a bit like a slowed down Mr Blue Sky, and lyrically it’s probably the most romantic tune on here unless I haven’t been paying attention. Towards the end it has a bit of a late Beatles vibe to it. And the whole thing is rounded out with title track Win You Over. Bit country, good partner tune for The One That Got Away and could probably be a bit of a theme for some friends I have in the city.

SO a bit country at times, a bit bluesy at times, bit indie rock at times with some folk thrown in. You won’t walk away from a Galipaygos gig with ringing ears any time soon, no one will be moshing away either. Sometimes melancholy, sometimes toe tappy. The album will stir various emotions in a listener who listens carefully and if you aren’t giving it your whole attention it’s some nice, relaxing background stuff. You should pay attention a bit though or you’ll be missing out.

And if my nonsense words above didn’t sell you on it you can have a listen here on soundcloud. Try before you buy and all that. Sure there’ll be physical copies knocking about soon but for now you can pick it up on itunes. I’ve never been all that quiet on my dislike of that particular service but that’s down to not having any iDevices. I’d expect it’ll be available elsewheres soon enough if you are in the same boat.

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