Music News 06/10/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening in the Highland scene over the last day.

The Red Kites are down a bassist so they need a new one. Do you play bass? Would you like to be in a band that does rather well? Think you’re up to the task? Give them a shout on that there page that I just linked then and you could be in with an audition.

James Mackenzie‘s CD is almost finished and apparently it’s looking pretty sweet. Not that it’s a good idea to judge a CD by it’s cover. Sure it sounds pretty sweet too though.

Couple of soundcloud bits and bobs then we’re done. These have been short and sweet lately which was actually what I expected when I started doing them! First up is someone who has been flying below my radar. He’s Colin Fraser, he was the front man and writer for the Jyrojets who did rather well, and he has some songs up. I Think I’m In Love is a catchy wee number and if you click on his name there’s more stuff on there. Go give your ears a tickle.

And then give them a smack. The Cleavers were on Urgent FM the other day and this was recorded on that. It’s called Poppunt Excite I think, could be wrong, and I don’t think I’d heard it before.

And that’ll do ya for today. Thanks for reading.

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