Music News 07/10/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening over the last day or so.

Do you have any footage from a Red Kites gig? If so they’d love to hear from you. Particularly if it’s from Bella or Rockness. Head on over to the page and give the band a shout. Stuff like this clip filmed in Hoots by Gordon Macleay.

The Greenhouse in Dingwall have a few open slots for Saturday Sets. The free dates are the 27th of October, 24th of November and 8th of December. Preferably you’d be able to do two 40 minute sets between 2 and 4pm. They’ve had some great acts in there this year and it’s a lovely wee venue. Give Matt Sillars a message (don’t normally link people’s pages but he’s the man for this) and/or drop by this group.

Get Lifted Tonight have an exclusive full version of Count Clockwork’s new mix. If electronical type stuff is your bag you can hear the Volta – Mossing remix here

Something a bit different from Rachel Sermanni today. Here‘s a video of Eggshells with The Electric String Orchestra filmed at Glasgow Oran Mor. Very rich sounds. If it’s too rich for your blood then there’s also a (bit rougher, Rachel’s voice is going a bit in it at times) version for Cock and Bull TV here. Mind you if I sounded half that good when my voice was at full strength I’d be a happy man.

It may seem like this place is a Rachel Sermanni/Cleavers fan site at times btw, but that’s just because the two of them post a fair bit of stuff that I can share with you. What a bizarre mash up of fan site that would be eh?! Bloody hell… Anyway, my list of people to draw from is up to 104 now which is slightly mental. Two added today, one of those would be Jemma Tweedie. Completely new to me, heard her on Marion Scott’s show on MFR and she’ll be supporting Charlotte Church at Bogbain Farm. She’s from Nairn and has an EP coming out on the 26th of October. Looking forward to getting my lugs around that, and you can check out a taster here. Bloody good. Cue everyone saying Amy Macdonald a lot because she’s Scottish and female….

And that’ll do you for today. Thanks for reading 🙂

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