Music News 09/10/2012

Hey kids, couple of bits and bobs from the last few days.

First up a rather trippy offering from Roads to Damascus. It’s a video for the final track on second album R2D2, I Dream In Mirrors, and all a bit mental really. As you’d expect.

Less trippy, next up there’s an offering from Red Kites. I’d expect a few videos of these guys to be rolling out over the next while after their plea for footage. The sound on this is rather dodgy, festival speakers overwhelm wee cameras quite easily, here’s Beat In Time from Bella shot by Kathryn Munro. Thanks Kathryn. Crowd bloody loved it and rightly so.

And finally, yup I did say there was only a couple of bits and bobs, Inverness Gigs have been interviewing bands ahead of the final of The Battle of The Bands in the Eagle tomorrow (10/10) night. It’s the opening of upstairs, you should come, it’ll be great. Here’s interviews with Thousand Stars, 76 Knots and Lionel. None for The Ragazzi, not sure why.

And finally finally, my old gig Breaking News North did a story on the launch of my new gig ABC Radio which you can see here. So now you know what I’ll be staring at 4 hours a week. Glamorous!

Thanks for reading. No news tomorrow for sure, Battle of the Bands, but a bunch of reviews incoming.

2 thoughts on “Music News 09/10/2012

  1. Nothing sinister in The Raggazzi not being interviewed, actually they were but it was not included as they had to withdraw early last week. Hope to see the guys soon though.

    • Oh I didn’t think there was, just didn’t know the reason! Did they?! Ah nerts, that’s a shame

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