Fatherson@Ironworks 11/10/2012 review

We’re back to dodgy phone pictures again and apologees (I know that’s not how it’s spelt but the correct spelling makes no sense) to Purple Divide but I didn’t have my head screwed on so there’s none of them. SO one for Midnight High, and some Fatherson liberally sprinkled about then.

See? Dodgy pictures. There are better and worse though

I was also a bit late so I missed the start of Purple Divide‘s set. They’re a local indie/alt rock 3 piece who I don’t believe I’d seen before. Occasionally a bit moody (song wise, not the guys), a mix of mellow and full on rocky with well structured tunes. Good use of peddles to vary the lead guitar. They have an excellent bassist and a cracking drummer, with songs constructed in a way that everyone gets a chance to shine now and again. Crucially, as it’s often the weak point in bands at this level, they’re lead singer has a good set of pipes on him. While they can be a bit anthemic at times they’re a solid wee rock band. Glad I finally managed to catch them, look forward to making a whole set one day.

As is the fashion there were two support bands this evening. The locals above, and some locals for the main act who came along. I assume it’s the first time that Midnight Lion have played up here but I could be well off on that. I really wasn’t all that sure what they’d be like going in to this either as I hadn’t checked them out ahead of time. They’re a mix of electonic music and rock, a wee bit like the Capitals. Actually the band that really came to mind as the set went on was Ah Ha. But a rockier Ah Ha. And if you’ve only heard Take On Me, not that. Other stuff. Standing out for me here was the drummer. Don’t get me wrong the whole band are damned good and they brought some personality along so there was nice banter (same goes for all the acts this evening). It’s more of an equipment (EASY!) fascination than anything else really, though he had a bit of mental Animal drummer about him. He had a kind of synth drum thing for producing electronical and clappy noises BUT from what I could tell he never actually HIT it. It’s was theremin-like. Whether distance makes a difference or not I don’t know, but I thought it was pretty kick ass. Love seeing gear I haven’t seen before. But getting away from that, pretty anthemic, big sweeping tunes, a song called Fatherson (panderers) and at one point enough bass to rattle some of the barriers. Great stuff, check them out if you get the chance.

And finally the main men (and lady) themselves, Fatherson. Regular visitors to the top half of the country this year but first time I’d really managed to see them properly. Missed the set at Brew at the Bog unfortunately, wasn’t at the same other fests also unfortunately. The set starts off with band leader and epic beard wearer Ross Leighton on his todd with a guitar, before the band join him. I’m not one for writing down song names and stuff really so I’ll just over view the sound. They’re a mellow band. They’re a very loud band. These two aspects are blended wonderfully to give their tracks variety, nuance and something to jump along to. Ross has a fantastic voice. The song writing is great. They clearly enjoy what they are doing and are friendly with the crowd. AND, capital and for a reason as this is a real stand out for me, they have a cello. That would be the lady. Essentially a rock band with a cello. Much of the time it’s augmenty for the mellow bits lovely cello, but a few times it’s ROCK CELLO. Brilliant.

Rock Cello!

There’s also some keys in there too which is nice. So I guess they could be tinged with folk, but they aren’t really. Truly alternative rock if you ask me. Alternative meaning different from the norm and not just different from mainstream rock bands (that would be indie in my books but what do I know). It was an admittedly modest crowd, dodgy weather probably being a factor but I heard more singing along at this gig than pretty much any other I’ve seen at the Ironworks. That says something. Dedicated fans, well earned if you ask me, for a band that will pretty much certainly go on to quite large things. An album is in the works, some time next year probably but they aren’t ones to rush things. If you missed this gig that’s you stuffed for the year. But next year if you see the name Fatherson on a poster somewhere walk up to the ticket booth and tell them to shut up and take your money. You won’t regret it.

This gentleman also plays keys/with his laptop

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