Dingus Khan @ Hoots mini review

Why a mini review? Well I didn’t catch the whole set unfortunately. Stopped by The Greenhouse for open mic, caught the excellent Neal Kinghorn (this weeks Saturday set from 2pm, get along) and the also excellent Greg Barry and then scooted up to sneck. Alas, too late to see 76 Knots. BUT THEY WERE AMAZING AND FANTASTIC AND IT’S THE BEST THEY’VE EVER PLAYED!!! Probably.

Anyway, enough of what I barely or didn’t see and on to what I saw half an hour of.

All 50 members of Dingus Khan

Dingus Khan are a loud ass rock band from Manningtree. Which is in Essex. Near London. In England. They’re Facebook page bills them as a Telemarketing Service. They have 3 drummers, 3 bassists, a guitar, an electric uke, and a fax machine. Plus giant tambourines that look like mad max weapons. They do not take themselves seriously.

But they could as they are seriously good. Embracing the fun side of the punk ethic they mental about on stage, make loud noises, stand on things that shouldn’t be stood on and generally have a damned good time. A broken pick up on the guitar led the singer to just twirl it about a bit and sing the last guitar hook. The band have a funny little dance for “Ambulance” that had the crowd in stitches. If you listen to my radio show you’ll have heard Knifey Spooney on Monday. When they kicked in to that I’ll admit I got a bit excited. And maybe forgot where I was as I was singing along a bit loud. Probably out of tune. I don’t think anyone else was because…well they probably hadn’t heard much Dingus Khan. I think one of the bassists noticed. Don’t care, not like it’ll ruin my cool rep will it?!

If they are back this way, guys come back this way, do not miss the chance to see these theatrical nutters play. They put on a damned fine fun show that sounds bloody good. In the mean time grab a copy of Support Mistley Swans which came out on Monday. That way I won’t be the only idiot singing “well I couldn’t find a knife so I had to use a spoon. And I tell you that a spoon ain’t the best thing to use”. Might be singing it loudest though.

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