Music News 01/11/2012

Hey kids, here’s what……..holy crap, it’s been over 3 weeks! Sorry, I’ve been very busy prepping for the show and with other life stuff. BUT I don’t want to miss sharing anything. If I went back two weeks Facebook would crap out on my probably, so I’ll so it page by page. This means the guys at the start of the alphabet will get preferential billing. If you have an issue with that change your band name to Aardvark and the Ants….

I say alphabetical but it starts a bit wonky…

Count Clockwork are no more. Well, will be no more. Actually they may be back some day, that isn’t decided. Essentially they are taking an indefinite break to do other projects and may or may not return. If you’re a fan you have a couple more chances to see them in Inverness, check The List for dates and locations. One of those projects is Lucky Cub which I won’t be covering as I’m not sure if it’s really local or not. Ironically enough they did their first official video interview about a week ago and you can see that here.

Not much on the PAWS front, by which I mean they’ve been busy as hell but it’s just touring info so not really relevant to this here page. They have a new t-shirt out though and it’s pretty damned cool so go buy one. Album is all over the joint on whatever service you use to listen to or buy music, so go check it out/buy it. It’s ace.

Abagail Grey have received the physical copies of the CD, ready for the release on the 1st of December, of Snowflake Remember. The cover is that picture what is the band profile picture, pretty funky. They’ve also filmed a video for the first track from the EP. It’s called Beauty and I’m sure the video will be one as I know a number of the people involved and they are solid folks. Links to that and pre-order when I have them. Well, within a month of me having them the way I’ve been going lately…

Cleavers then. They were at the Highland Mental Health Halloween thingy I was at last night, but on too late for me to see them and I completely failed to meet them. Brilliant. Anyway, they have a new Pizza mountain tee out. They’ve lost a a bassist, I’m assuming due to being over committed with his band Corrupt Humanity as it’s an amicable split. I believe they now have a NEW bassist so no job going if you were wondering. They also have a new 7″ on the way called Life is Shit. If you listen to my radio show, of course you do, I hope…. you’ll have heard a track from it. This Rain Will Never End in fact, and you can hear it at that link if you didn’t. Or did and want to hear it again. I’ve got a cheeky copy of the whole damned thing and very good it is too. Also on that record and a compilation album as indicated at the link is a cover of The Stooges I Wanna Be Your Dog. A punk song about Kia-Ora.

That’ll have to do you for tonight. Shall take a wee while to catch up, bear with me. I’ll get er done as quick as possible. Give the Facebook a like, listen to the show , all that good stuff. Be back soon (hopefully tomorrow, might be Saturday) with more.

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