Music News 02/11/2012

Hey kids, the catch up continues

During the hiatus Desecrator launched his You Tube channel, so a couple of hunks of death metal for you there. He’s also wanting to do an all-dayer (not sure that’s a real phrase) of metal sometime next year in Inverness. If you are interested then give him a shout at the page there. Also also if you are in a country that isn’t Scotland and want your town Desecrated, also give him a shout (assuming you are in a gig putting on position). Be warned that this should only be from April next year onwards as he’ll be taking a wee break.

Usual gig rumblings and the like from Donald Macdonald (and the Islands). They’re off on tour, will be hitting our area BUT not until December. It’ll be in The List when that month arrives. In the mean time here’s a wee taster of the live show they played at 13th Note Glasgow a couple of weeks back. Lot of crowd chatter, SHUT THE HELL UP THERE’S MUSIC ON!

Estrella have been on a bit of a European jaunt, think the tour may be over now actually. Check the end of the paragraph. Anyway before the end of the paragraph here’s a pre tour video of them pimping out their van. Then they gave up on videos so have a look at the page for pictures of the rest of the van upgrading and bits and bobs of the tour. Which is finished. Well, tonight is the last night. Suspense OVER.

Very eclectic post this, but music is like that. Anyway here’s some footage of Feis Rois senior class for this year playing some music. Bloody army they have there! Rather good they are too. And Fèis Rois Ceilidh Trails have been nomination for a Scots Trad music award in the Community Project of the Year category. You can vote for them here.

Local photographer and blogger (regardless of the title of the blog) Houdi has had a rather ingenious idea and fired off emails to a number of acts that he’s snapped over the last….I dunno how long it’s in there somewhere probably asking “What the fuck are you up to now?”. He’s had a number…I dunno how many count them yourself…of replies. Here’s part 1 and here’s part 2 in a series of….I don’t know how many. Good though, nice idea.

Iain McLaughlin and the Outsiders supported Turin Breaks in the news hiatus, putting on an acoustic (more or less) set with added fiddle. Bit gutted I missed it really. Thanks to the power of technology I don’t have to miss ALL of it though and neither do you. Here’s a rather lovely version of Don’t Speak from that gig.

I do link the other local sites, as evidenced two paragraphs ago, but only exclusive stuff like interviews and that. So to close off here’s a slightly belated because I fell behind interview from Inverness Gigs with the awesome Dingus Khan. I caught and reviewed half the gig, next time they are up (and I hope there is a next time) I’ll hopefully catch the other half as well as they were bloody mentally brilliant.

That’ll have to do you for tonight. Shall take a wee while to catch up, bear with me. I’ll get er done as quick as possible. Give the Facebook a like, listen to the show , all that good stuff. Be back soon with more.

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