Music News 10/11/2012 part deux

Aaaaaaaaand we’re back. Last one tonight though, I’ve got to leave for The Eagle in an hour and 50 mins.

New girl on the scene Jemma Tweedie has burst on to everyone’s radar with her new Two Hands EP. I reviewed it a couple of days ago, and you can buy it digitally and physically at gigs and that wee shop I mentioned in the review. In addition to some support gigs and radio play she’s also on Tom Robinson’s 6Music Introducing podcast this week. Not bad work for only being about a few months!

In addition to writing for the site now and again Josephine Sillars is a bit of a gigging fool this month (that’s one of the acts I’m off to see tonight). In the last month she’s stuck a few new tracks on Soundcloud. First off Hurricane which was released a couple of weeks BEFORE Sandy so nowt to do with that. And secondly Corners which can’t be linked to the news in any way.

Good luck to Last Summer Effect who are playing in the Box Futures Fest competition thingy to get a shot at playing the o2 Academy in Glasgow hosted by Ally McCrae and stuff. As you might be able to tell I don’t know much about this event. Anyway, here’s a video of them playing in, I think, Mad Hatters. Not hosted by any radio 1 DJs. Dunno if I got the chance to say to anyone from the band but they opened with a truly excellent cover of the 28 Days Later music at the Halloween gig. Very well done guys.

I’m gonna have to leave this with that as I’m eating up my time and still have to do a few things before running off for beer and music. More in the rather near future. Roughly half way through the big assed list that I keep of all the music people around here. Dreading getting to Rachel Sermanni!

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