Music News 10/11/2012

Hey kids, the epic catch up continues!

As I reported before Count Clockwork are pretty much no more. As a leaving present they have opened up a fair chunk of their Soundcloud for you to download. So go fill your now empty Halloween sweetie bag with a bunch of electronical goodness.

On to PAWS who have a couple of bits and bobs. First off is a live acoustic recording of Bloodline done for Fresh Air FM in Edinburger. It’s backed with bits of super 8 footage shot by various people at various places. Sounds damned good too. Phillip also has a side project called Lad Lazarus and you can get one of 25 limited edition cassettes of that at that link there. Tapes eh? Nice. It’s been released on a label that the boys and some others run called CATH Records. And if you want to hold a PAWS karaoke party you now can as they’ve put the lyrics for Cokefloat! up on their site.

Obviously, Cleavers. First up some garage punk with this video of a cover of Tram Pig by Urgent Blood. Sounds rather good too. Poor neighbours though. Danny did an interview with Until The End, a webzine in Australia. For full effect turn your monitor upside down. One of their tracks will also be on Vic Galloways Podcast this week. And finally there’s this video which acts as a teaser for Life Is Shit (out on…1st December?) featuring clips from recordings in that garage and the interview they did with Netsounds Unsigned in Hoots at Halloween. Pretty sure I was in Mad Hatters watching Skeleton Verse while this was going on, saw Jamie grabbing a chair and disappearing back up the stairs.

Estrella have some new merch out, Christmas is coming after all. There’s a new Rocker Lily girls t-shirt for that rock chick in your life (name doesn’t have to be Lily) and wristbands in various colours.

Oh fuck, how have I not mentioned this yet? The Inverness Curfew is now dead, gone, kaput, melted in to a puddle, non existant. If you’re local you probably already know about it. If you aren’t I’ll explain. Up until a couple of days ago there was a local bi-law (I assume) for Inverness, Thurso and I think Fort William, where pubs and clubs (though it didn’t apply EVERYWHERE) couldn’t admit anyone after midnight. While that wasn’t a big deal a few decades ago when everywhere shut at 1am, now there’s places open until 3 and 4 in the morning. So it was a bit retarded really. Thanks to these fine people it doesn’t exist anymore. Yay! Won’t effect me as I still have to get a bus home at 11 BUT I hope to move to the city next year and then it would have been my problem. So thanks very much, crusading crusaders!

Right, back to the people I haven’t caught up with yet. Just the one but hopefully do another post later on today. James Mackenzie was on tour while I wasn’t writing, now he’s back and HE’S writing. Music, not a website. You can listen to a bit of music that he wrote and then DARC remixed here. That’s Comfortable btw. And you can buy an itty bitty teeny weeny CD off him. It’s the single of Something I’m Not Telling You and it features a remake by that/those DARC person/people of that tune. Mini CD’s are why there’s that recessed bit in your CD player. You don’t see them very often, but they are pretty funky.

And like I say, should be back with a wee bit more a wee bit later from all new people I haven’t caught up with yet. Only just over a month to troll back through… Really sorry if you are further down in the alphabet but I PROMISE I’ll a)get to you and b) check all the way back on October 9th no matter when that is. Stacks of stuff to do, but this is important to me šŸ™‚

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