Music News 11/11/2012

Hey kids. Let’s DO THIS!

PAWS will be stepping in front of some cameras in a week to make a video for Sore Tummy. Looking forward to seeing that. Possibly. A video for a song with that name could end up in Jackass territory though.

Alas Last Summer Effect didn’t manage to win the competition they were in. I’m sure they put in a good effort though and are keeping positive, using it as a reason to spur them on to be even better. That’s the attitude lads! Although, and this is going by the status Chris posted, keep your clothes on next time :S

Lewis Hamilton has/is being a bit of a gigging fool at the moment, check The List for…well there’s one local one I think. You may notice that name is a bit shorter than it was before. This is down to them dropping the “and the Boogie Brothers” bit as most folks just use the lead guys name in the blues genre. Saves me typing for other words from now on. Lewis and Nick has a wee interview with Mark Mulgrew at Black Diamond FM. You can hear part 1 here and part 2 here. The rest of the show…not so much, no idea where it is. That bit was good though. Over on the label’s page there’s not a heap of news. But I can tell you that Jock’s Juke Joint vol 2 should be out in the next couple of weeks. Which is nice.

Nothing from the Lionel facebook page BUT I was in The Eagle last night, had to leave before their set (bloody buses) and was speaking to Joshua. They’ve done recorded an EP which is in post production just now. So if you haven’t heard them live yet you’ll be able to hear them at some point soonish. Which is good as they are ace. I assume it’s okay for me to write that, if not then this paragraph may mysteriously vanish at some point!

Another “nothing really to report but tiny bit to report” thing for Miss Irenie Rose. She’s being recorded for the telly in Skye on the 20th. I don’t know who by or what it’s for or when it’ll be on BUT when I do I’ll tell you.

Musique Dingwall (you’ll have to friend that page, but the Dingwall Town Hall has a page too) would like to know two things. 1) Would you like to see The Complete Stone Roses play in Dingdong sometime next year and 2) Who else would you like to see play? Big plans are afoot for next year so let’s hope that the Mayans were wrong.

My Property which used to be Barry Mackay and Ryan Golder which used to be Barry Mackay will soon not be My Property either as they’ve decided that’s a crap name. Personally I didn’t think it was crap but did wonder where it came from. SO they’ll have a new name at some point. In the mean time this is their soundcloud which will change obviously. That’s fine though because they sound great and I don’t think they’re really launching as a band until next year anyway.

Naked Red has a new tune for you to have a listen to and let them know what you think. It’s called Always A Way and it’s rather good so it is.

And finally, completely anticipated by myself, Naked Strangers have a few new things up on the clouds of sound. So to please your ears, there’s Put That Song Out Of Its Misery, then The Fiery Death Of Crooner Jeff, a cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart and finally a reworking of an older tune More Lewd Scenes From The Graveyard.

That’ll do you for today, I’m off to do a billion other things that I have to do. Will try and do one of these tomorrow, the radio show has an earlier slot on Mondays now. Tuesday I can’t make any promises but you never know. Getting there anyway! Once again thanks for the patience from later alphabet folks, haven’t had any hassle which is nice.

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