Music Catch Up 17/11/2012

Can’t really call it music news when I’m still catching up on stuff as it isn’t all fresh. SO until I do so it will be called a Catch Up. Cause that’s what it is.

Dunno if I’ll get to new folks today. Here’s a couple of PAWS videos. First up, contains flashing images, from their show in Berlin here’s Hospital Song and Sore Tummy. And there’s also a video from a show in Luzern, Switzerland of Poor Old Christopher Robin. Great stuff.

Abagail Grey has picked her/their location for the EP launch. It’s at the Velocity Cafe and Bike Shop in Inverness. If you don’t know where that is, and I didn’t, it’s right before you get to the Midmills college building if you come from the East Gate/up that big assed hill. Details here.

Couple more videos for you now, this time from Cactus & Cardigan on home turf. First up is Brown Bagger and Boner Killer filmed in the Newmarket Venue at last weekend Bull River Mini Fest. Second, not on home turf, Crab Sea Nesquick filmed in the Elgin Youth Cafe. And finally George Michael Cums Cobwebs filmed at the Blackstairs Lounge in Wick.

Capitals are hard at work on a new record and think that the last couple of tracks are the best they’ve ever done. Which is good as you’d want to be improving over time, even if you are already ace. Look forward to hearing it!

I mentioned the name on the last post and now they have they’re very own page. So go over and like Furry Vengeance as they are well good eh? Nice one.

Houdi has received a fair few emails in the last week. No, I haven’t hacked his computer he’s just posted a couple more of the WTF are you up to? answers. SO in a slightly random order here is this entry with answers from Fraser from the Whiskys, Donald McColl, Barry Mackay, Davy Cowan and Colin Fraser. And this entry from Jake Bolt.

Inverness Gigs posted an interview with RythmnReel ahead of the CD launch which is tonight! Better grab your shoes and shift it if you want to catch that. Anyway, interview is here.

And I’ll finish off with this video of Leonard Jones Potential‘s lead singer Michelle Newell doing a wee acoustic number called Slow. And very lovely it is.

No newbies today unfortunately, long weekend for me though so should be some in the next post which should be sooner than a week from now. Yay for that!

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